Still straddling two worlds

I've gone back and forth between paper and digital since the mid-nineties, but I always seem to come back to paper. This is either because I simply miss the personal touch of pen and paper, or because of the finicky, and often untrustworthy, world of technology.

I realize that I have to decide what works best for me, but perhaps in this venture your opinions and experiences will help me make that decision. In a nutshell, I love the portability of a PDA, in my case now, the iPod Touch, which I currently use for my calendar, contacts, Tasks, notes and other things. This is great in light of a fairly large contact list and fluctuating task list. But, in return for the compactness, I have the small screen with limited visibility (I like seeing a month at a glance with legible appointments), the awkward writing experience, the need to turn on, type a password to access and push buttons to begin working, low or dead battery at inopportune times and, recently, appointments entered that actually didn't show up in the system on a couple of occasions.

On the other hand, I love my leather A5 binder. The look, feel and freedom of writing with pen and paper, the full view of appointments etc. The ability to carry hard copy docs in a protected place. But, ever since experiencing the portability of a PDA, when I go back to the A5 binder for some months, I find I get tired of carrying it around and long for the convenience of a PDA. And I am so obsessive about having my data with me at all times that I would never leave home without my planner. I even take it with me from one room to the other in case I need to enter data or check something. It is always with me. Period. I seem to be more faithfully in touch with tasks, appointments and generally more actively involved with 'planning' or entering data in a paper system. Thankfully, I've never lost a paper planner, but I realize the risk is there. However, I have ideas of how to make back up etc.

I want to put out to you all on this forum, what keeps you in the paper world. And, since I'd prefer to be one or the other rather than a hybrid of analog and digital, have you been able to go BACK TO PAPER and live happily ever after?

Thanks for the input,


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Jobs requiring a security clearance

They do not allow PDA's or cell phones in those sort of working areas. Paper is the only available option
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Ahh security

Yes, that's so true Ygor.

I use a mixed system of my work Outlook calendar and a paper system to track projects, for my personal calendar etc.

And it's not just PDAs here. No bluetooth. No USB anything. No personal laptops. No phones with cameras...


P.S. and not easy to take my work task list anywhere. Which is why I have a work to-do book that stays at work and a personal diary.

Double sigh! :)

two worlds...

I do not think it is a bad thing to use both digital and paper... What if you just made your system to work with both? For example, leave your contacts in your pda, but put your calendar on paper.

I personally have my phone with me at every single moment of the day (phone with pda built in). So, I am digital at the moment. I found that I definitely enjoy crossing things off on the to-do list in paper much better than digitally, but I never seem to have the to-do list with me. It gets stuck in my purse or upstairs or I left it in the car, etc. So, for me, the phone is always right next to me when I need to enter a to-do or calendar item. And I can carry a TON more of info with me.

So, I think if you want to do paper, but find the portability of digital pleasing, then you just need to find the balance between the two...

Best of Luck and keep us all posted!
nay nay

In these days of information overload,

I find a digital and analogue system to be the only solution.

Ever since mixing the two systems, I have found myself doing a lot of D.I.Y setup for my paper system.

This site has been a great help with printout setups and it showed me that I wasn't alone in wanting more than the usual offerings available with standard paper organizers systems.

Please share your solutions with us.

As nay nay says

My job provides me with a Blackberry. So I do exactly what she says. I don't like the paper Contacts thing, because my Contacts fluctuate so much, so putting them in my Microsoft Outlook puts them in my BB and not paper. I do carry a Classic size paper Planner that mixes all kinds of DIY forms and monthly calendars with a commercial weekly planner in it.

And I am happy with the way it breaks out. I found I have become one of those folks I used to laugh at. Someone who has a work PDA, a personal cell phone and a planner.


Good Luck

I use my PDA for my

I use my PDA for my calendar, and to keep my contacts. For all my other lists, I use paper. The PDA does not sync with my work calendar, so I input work appointments manually. This works because I don't have all that many, and most of the work meetings I have are recurring. It does sync with my personal calendar kept on my home pc.

Actions and projects, however, change rapidly, and without notice. I have not found any PDA tool that will give me a total view of my actions and projects, and I find inputting lots of data in the PDA slow and frustrating.

I'm thinking of upgrading to a smart phone, but I don't think that will make me digital only. At my job, it is not permitted to have any company information on the web, except for company-managed secure sites.