Scene Builder Form for Writers

This is a form I came up with to help me organize the hazy images of scenes that roll around in my brain. This is also good for those of us with overworked memories who mourn the scenes we've forgotten. No mourning necessary if you have them written down already!

I've already used this a time or two, and it has accomplished for me what I wanted it to. It gave me a very clear picture of a scene I had been thinking about for several days, and now I know exactly how to use it in the story.

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I used Word tables. The font is very basic, but if you have Word, of course you can change it. This is a very straightforward design, but as most of you probably know, Word tables can be temperamental. Any wobbles will be easily fixable, though.

I have also included a PDF version. I've got them on mirror margins so it's like a 2-up layout.

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MS Word or any PDF reader.
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