Problem Scenes

This one is related to the Scene Solvent template, but focuses on a scene you've already written, but aren't happy with. When I'm editing, I sometimes find it difficult to edit large blocks of text between lines and in margins, so I end up just rewriting them (especially if they're just really far gone). I put this template together to make sure I get it right in the rewrite.

Again, this comes from knowing how your own mind works. If I tried to fix a scene just in my head and by marking through and rewriting sections of it instead of the whole thing, God knows what would come out of it. This keeps my thoughts organized.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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This is in classic size using text boxes instead of tables. I'm not entirely happy with this one either and I'll probably change it to letter size with tables when I use up the ones I've already printed. Of course I'll edit this post with version 2.0 when it's done.

The text boxes gave me all kinds of trouble, so those of you using the Word template may have to tweak a few things.

And again, I asked myself questions about the scene giving me problems and left space for ideas on how to improve it.

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MS Word or any PDF Reader
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