X17 Lifetracker at Staples

I noted that others have said this is available at Office Depot. It is also at Staples www.staples.com . I got the smaller size 3.5 x 5.75". In the store additional colors are available, I got the Muted green, as well as a second gray one. I love the idea of the "book-by-book" to be able to change them up.

I got both the monthly calendar - 2 months per booklet, 6 booklets in the set. I also got the Yearly calendar - all in one booklet. The smaller size holds 3 32-page booklets (16 pages folded). I put the yearly calendar in front, and the monthly in back. In the middle I took the staples out of the lined and the plain page and put a few of the plain pages behind the ruled page. This is the one I use for scheduling, notes, information.

The second gray x17 I put 2 ruled and one blank page booklets for my prayer book. With the rubbers holding the book you do not need to have the staple. I also messed up some pages and ended tearing them out (they have a tear column), and then taped in another page. This was easy. This size fits in my hands perfectly, feels good when I am praying.

I added a credit card holder by slipping it under the rubbers. I also added (by cutting down some daytimer vinyl products) clear page holders. I cut the ring section off and glued to the front and back to make pockets. Also added ribbon holders by taping to the top front page of the booklet and then folding down where I wanted the ribbon to lay. It is sooooo much better without the rings. It is possible to put rubber bands thru the 1/2 moon openings at the top and bottom if you wanted to add a smaller booklet. You could use 2 in each 1/2 moon opening if you were using thinner booklets but you wanted different subjects.

My problem is now I have changed the purse I am using, I want to change the covers. On the original website www.myx17.com they show 14 different colors. They have both purple-lila and dark purple-dunkellila in the HARDSKIN-polypropylen cover/envelope.

Googled exchange rate EUROS to dollars and came up with 1 EUR - 1.3538 as of today. See www.dollars2euro.com

Oh I found on their website where you can by the "elastiX" separately - 3 for 2.55 EUR which today costs $3.45. Unfortunately today their "EN" translated site is not functioning.
I think I will email them and see if they can sell me just the covers.

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I just got the email back from info@myx17.com. They agreed to sell the purple and dark purple covers without the booklets. For 5 EURO each plus 8.05 EURO shipping cost to US. She said: The Life tracker X17 that You get by Staples is the US Version, with US size. They have the same height but not the same width, The US life tracker is smaller.

Well I am going to go to the fabric store and see if I can get a small piece of leather or soft material I can sew as a slip cover to the ones I have now. Depending on price I may just get the larger covers, as my time is also worth price.

(Spicy is my ferret)

myx17 A6 cover is about 3.9 inches.

The cover are wide enough for a pen: 9.9 cm is about 3.9 inches.

(Spicy is my ferret)