Alternatives to Slim Wallet writer (Levenger) - business card sized pocket briefcase

I recently got myself a couple of index card holders (3x5) like the Buxton Note jotter etc, that holds index cards but realized that at work I don't always have pockets on the shirt hence it becomes too big to carry in the pant pocket.

I am looking for an alternative to Slim wallet writer from Levenger...(leather preferred) reason is that I'm in Canada and its impossible to get any such products here (spent 2 weeks going everywhere looking for 3x5 note card holders, so with shipping, all those items are very expensive. Looking for something that probably is the size of business card jotter holder. I have some amazing small pens i got from promotional items.....(1 or so cm longer than credit card :D)

Even my 3x5 notecard jotters were ordered from online sellers who were offering free shipping, so i still paid a lot than what you would pay in US...

Does anyone have any suggestions to finding a cheaper alternative? I have to factor in shipping too...


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Any leather-workers in your area ?

Might be less expensive to get a local artisan to make one to your specifications.
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Not sure

Not sure of that. I first thought of going to the mall or somewhere and find something, but no such luck.....nothing around....

i don't mind ordering something from the net, but when you pay $20 shipping for a $20 item, it just makes it less appealing...

I know in Toronto these things are not common, after hunting 2 weeks for 3x5 pocket briefcase type product, i only found one downtown that was selling for $50 + tax....haha.

I don't think we have those leather type shops/stores who make custom products and if they do, they are usually very expensive and exclusive.

Maybe a hobbyist rather than

Maybe a hobbyist rather than a professional/shop. Start looking in a business directory for a supplier to the hobby industry see if they can give you a name or let you put an advertisment in their shop.

Bob H.

Good suggestion, ygor

My sister is such a leather worker and does on demand/custom work for a host of people all over Canada. Simply contact her with what you need, with exact measurements and pics if you have any and she can quote you a price. Yes, in English too. She does great stuff.

Valérie Caron @ Lézard Fou

thanks Tournevnis

that's a great suggestion....thanks. I will contact her. Yeah i have the measurements, pictures and everything.

Thanks a bunch....

just a thought

How 'bout a shirt pocket protector or two?

Are there leather ones?

Thanks Jim,
Do you know if there are leather types? If there are leather/ fake-leather types then I will have to work with that.....since i doubt if there are cheaper alternatives.....


Wallet card size is hard to find

Other than at Levenger, that is. I found a Canadian company named Roots which makes some very nice and pricey leather goods, but no jotters. That's what they're called outside of Levenger - jotters.

Levenger also made Circa Micro PDA notebooks using wallet card pages. Basically the same as their wallet cards but Circa punched. I made some of my own using some plastic material and small Rollabind discs. It works well for taking notes, but not sure if that's what you want. If you make your own, it's almost more expensive because you have to include the cost of the punch.

I have not checked the cost of mailing to Canada from the US lately, but you might ask a US reader to purchase something for you and ship it to you. If they live near a Levenger retail outlet, they can avoid the high Levenger shipping cost. I'm in Hawaii, so I can't help you there. :-(

Good luck,

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Thanks Walter,
You're correct, its hard to find something like that other than levenger. Also, cost of mailing through regular mail is not much - 1 or 2 dollars US, but when you order through these online retailers they charge anywhere from $7-13 US per shipment for an envelope.

You're correct, i will have to try and find someone who can perhaps buy something like this and ship it....although I don't know anyone.

Circa is good for many reasons, but since I am looking for something that can fit into pants pocket at work (dress pants), circa is a bit too bulky...

Haha, i don't even really carry a wallet, i use a leather sleeve with 4 slots (2 on each side) for my i am trying to find something small and not too bulky...


Circa Micro-micro PDA

I've been carrying a Circa Micro-PDA (business card sized Circa notebook) in my wallet for a few months now. It is the one with the plastic covers, so it isn't as bulky as leather. I have also replaced the original rings - which were 1/2 inch in size I believe - with the smallest Rollabind rings I could find.

I generally keep 10 or 12 pages in there - including the first page always has my contact info in case I lose it. I keep this in my wallet along with what little cash I carry. The rings stick out the top of my wallet and are smaller than the width of my wallet so I don't notice it. They also give me a handy way to grab the notebook & bring it out without taking out my wallet.

That whole notebook adds a little to the thickness of my wallet, but I'd say only about as thick as 3 or 4 credit cards. Remove pages if you want something thinner.

I also keep a small pen on my keychain, so I'm ready for notetaking any time :-)


Slim Card Wallet Writer...

Levenger used to carry something like this card wallet below, but instead of an ID card slot, it had a place to hold wallet cards for writing. I bought one when it was being clearanced out. Maybe if you search eBay, it might be available.

Essential Card Wallet
Price: $24

Oh well, I just checked the Levenger outlet on eBay. No Slim Card Wallet Writers or Wallet Writers listed.

BTW, if you ask around on the board, someone who lives near a Levenger retail store may be willing to purchase a wallet writer and ship it to you. The readers of this board are pretty nice about that. I would help you, but as I live in Hawaii, it costs almost as much to ship something to me, so it would be no savings for me to do it for you. I usually only purchase something when I can get a coupon that helps to offset the shipping costs. :-(

Good luck,

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Not exactly it

But this holder looks nice anyway. I've bought pens and a pencil from this seller and had a pleasant experience every time. Sometimes stuff gets to Michigan from Japan before stuff from Illinois.

Link to Ebay

This is good for a desk?

It seems like his holder is good for the desk, for pocket, it might be too much given that it has room for pens, a fold etc...

i think what works best for me is something flat (non-flip, no fold) writer....

But thanks to you I know one seller who has a good feedback so i can look at their stuff when i need to buy something...


wallet size

The Jimi Wallet:

The PicoPad:

Do you always have your wallet with you? could you put a couple blank sheets in the wallet?

What about carrying a few blank pages with just a binder clip on them?

Just a couple things I have seen in the past...

Best of Luck,
nay nay

Hey ! Myndology @ Container Store !


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2 ring binder system

and did you see this new "2-ring binder system"? it looks intriguing - probably something to DIY pretty easy instead of buying...

Good suggestions

Thanks for the good suggestions....that seems like the next alternative too....

my wallet

my wallet is not even a full wallet with a flip or a to speak. It is simply a card holder type that I found while traveling overseas, it has 2 slots on each side for cards, that's it, its hard to even see it, so it doesn't even have room to keep cash.....

You could try

You could try pocketmod:

Only thing is that the resulting booklet is slightly larger than credit card size, but not too much so, should fit in any wallet, except one designed only for credit card size.

...or PagePacker for the Mac

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this is interesting, smart

this is interesting, smart concept....

Ever considered a Moleskine notebook ?

Pronounced mol-a-skeen’-a
Mini Moleskine
Where to buy in Canada
Moleskine Hipster PDA case
Moleskine pocket diary Hipster PDA
Refill Your Old Moleskine
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Extra Small Volant

Or the new extra small volants - i have a couple and really like them! (this is the US Site though)...


I was on Moleskine, I started this whole project with that. Even now I have a couple of small booklets, pretty expensive given the amount of writing I do. The small books (tiny) are almost $8 + tax.

That's why the 3x5 jotter holder worked because I can buy a pack of 100 mead index cards from a dollar couple hundred cards cost me $2....and i go through a lot of them.

My moleskine worked as long as i didn't use any pens other than ball point.

Also, I guess I should say that I don't make notes and keep them. I make quick notes, lists etc, and when its done, I chuck them out - even in my office, there are tons of index cards etc...I once asked a guy to cut me a stack of 3x5 cards with his guillotine but they were not as thick as index cards, more like thicker paper.

I literally put the word "jotter" to the real use - I use this for making notes and jotting things...haha...

Throw away


For the throwaway stuff, I use the teeny tiny spiral-bound stuff. Dunno if the same stuff is available everywhere, but here Walmart has some very tiny top-bound spiral notebooks intended for pocket use. They're very inexpensive, the paper is low-grade with lines pre-printed, and there aren't that many pages in each little flipbook.

I use a bigger one on my desk, a Mead Five Star "Fat Lil' Notebook" with 200 sheets. 5.5" x3.5". And I throw out the pages too.

Anyway, the ones I'm thinking of for pocket use are smaller than this thing...think journalist notebook for scribbling a few words quickly..


luggage and computer stores

Have you looked in any luggage, computer or travel stores?

There are a lot of small holders for paper notes, PDAs, passports etc out there and one of them may be what you need. Discount luggage shops and the discount bin at larger computer shops are often useful for these kind of things.

As to postage, I agree that it can be expensive. I'm in Australia and I find the idea of something costing as little as $US20 to receive to be amazingly cheap.
We can get slightly cheaper postage but only for items sent by sea which can take 3 to 8 Months! to get here. It depends on which US coast it leaves from and where the ship is going, eg US-Canada-China-Australia, or US-South America-Europe-Africa-India-Australia.


Hey Katrina,
Yes I went through the luggage and travel stores but no luck - forget this small size product, I couldn't even find the 3x5 jotters and had to order from US.

You're in Australia? I used to live there before moving here a few years back, I still have a place there in Sydney. I agree, I once ordered something on e-bay from US and the postage from US to Sydney was more expensive than my product purchase.

You're correct, when it comes by sea, it takes a long time, its really not worth it, but sometimes we have to do it......


Levenger arragh!

I'm in the UK and would love to be able to buy levenger products but the shipping is crippling. A Slim Wallet Writer costs over $40 to ship, yet it weights nothing. They urgently need to wake up, smell the coffee and get resellers in other countries as they are missing a potential fortune in sales!

By the way has anyone found similar available in the UK? or want to sell me theirs :-)

Slim wallets in UK

I was hunting for ages for just a slim wallet that could hold cards and notes, nothing else as I am also a UK resident.

Best site I found was, got the special edition slimmy. Although be warned they are not exactly the cheapest for something this small :)

Hope that helps, these guys do ship pretty much anywhere, in fact I think it is cheaper you in Canada than in UK :)

Grab a Moleskine

A Moleskine sized the way you like plus some photo corners keeps a card on a page ... some with info, some for noting what comes to mind.

Any good?


this is a diy idea ive been

this is a diy idea ive been playing with. i don't use moleskine notebooks much (unless they are from a sale or a giveaway) but i do love the idea of photo corners for holding things in planners!

This should work for any size card, even index cards :D

--> my blog <--

can you tell me more?

thanks Sara....can you tell me more about your idea. I have no artistic skills per say....

If I were like you, i could probably come up with some idea or have the skills to cut proper corners...haha you do have that artistic talents to get the DIY done :)

ill never believe that!

ill never believe that! every one has an artist inside - you just need to find the right way to wake it up and the right kind of art to keep it going strong :)

The photo corners i have are store bought but im sure there are ways of diying that also. here is what they are like: link

I find that placing the corners on the item then pressing it onto the page works for me but you can also do measuring and marking :)

Another way would be to cut slits in a thick card stock to hold cards. Kind of like in this image: Link.

--> my blog <--

Trust me

I'm one of the artless.

I have no artistic capability, unless it's artistic to be able to see an extra space in text from across the room. lol

Thanks Sara

Thanks for the details, it makes sense...well I've tried different things and I know the following - I can't draw, paint, play music or create art from any paper products :) or stitch......

I agree with you, the key is to find something that you are good I know I have poor talent in sketches, painting, playing music and hand-made crafts but I read your blog and was impressed at your artistic skills...its amazing and quite a fun thing to read it :)

I will try your method and see what I come up with :)


i'm glad you like my blog :)

i'm glad you like my blog :)

please share your results :D id love to see them (and don't give you on art! ^^)

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"don't give you on art" ???!
perhaps you meant "don't give up on art" ?
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im at work. i blame that. i

im at work. i blame that.

i did mean "Dont give up on your art" or "dont give up on art"...

sawry :(

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you are forgiven

BTW, how was I on that ? I am making the effort to be as un-snarky as I can -- unless the situation REALLY calls for it.
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its monday work

monday work does that... ;) that's why Monday should also be a holiday...or half day where people go in at noon and leave at 4. So that by Tuesday everyone is in the groove of things.....and can easily look forward to Friday

Ok perfect

Ya your blog was cheerfully entertaining, quite was is required everyday - a bit of humor is always what keeps the doctor

Ok, as soon as i can get something done that is reasonable, i will share it with you :) [HA!! I won't give up on art, i still do oil paints even when i am bad at it :)]

keep blogging, its fun to read :)

College bookstores

I'm not sure if this idea would work in Canada... When I was in college, the campus bookstore had a variety of ID holders in all shapes and sizes and materials. As a student, I had to constantly show my ID - bus, student union, library, etc - so I was always looking at ID holders with a variety of pockets and features. I had one plastic-y one on a key chain with the school logo on the outside and two clear pockets on the inside. Perhaps something like that would work for you? I also went looking for similar items in the handbag/wallet section at Ross and Marshall's/TJ Maxx stores. I remember purchasing a Kenneth Cole wallet that had an ID window on the outside and two zipper pockets behind that, it was small, but kind of thick. I might still have that in storage somewhere, if you'd like me to look for it, let me know.

Hi: After using the Levenger


After using the Levenger Slim Wallet Writer for a couple weeks, I'm afraid I can't think of a better alternative. In short, it's terrific, and is almost worth even more than what they ask for it. I have found that their lined card blanks for the Writer result in some ink feathering with my fountain pens (not bad, but noticeable). I discovered that the Staples perforated business card stock, however, doesn't have this feathering problem at all (I'm using the ivory card stock). What is excellent about the Levenger is that the card on the outside is exposed for easy writing, and with a few more blank cards inside, it's just the correct stiffness for easy writing without the whole unit getting bent and crushed out of shape even storing the wallet in my rear pants pocket with a comb. It's an outstanding product and I'm gonna get another one for when this one wears out.

Good review

That's a good review, see for me to get the slim wallet writer here in Canada is ridicuously expensive. I actually found the buxton 3x5 card holder on e-bay and got 2 of them for $15 bucks...and I can tell you that I love it...that 3x5 holder's become an integral part of my pocket now...and its in my office, my home etc...and I actually picked up two packs of index cards from dollar store, and printed portrait rules on my cards through my inkjet printer. I have two printers at home, laser and ink jet and because i print usual stuff on laster, i found a good use for my inkjet i printed couple hundred cards...

I wish there was a cheaper alternative to the wallet size just the same way that I don't need to spend $50 on the 3x5 card holder....

viv77: I just bought a


I just bought a "returned" but unused monogrammed slim wallet writer (red leather) from the Levenger outlet store on ebay for $7.

Really? Do they have more?

$7 dollars is a bargain...did you by any chance notice any other ones? I will take a look at their ebay store then, just in case something's up for sale...

thanks Sotto2


For the past couple weeks,

For the past couple weeks, I've seen several and bid on a few. When I checked again yesterday, I didn't see anymore. I think they were returns to the store so keep checking and there probably will be more that get listed on ebay.


thanks Sotto2. You're right, i checked again too and there was nothing, although there are some journals and stuff for starting bid of $1.99

I didn't check the shipping to Canada yet but at least I can keep an eye on their ebay store and if something comes up, I can get it cheaper.

I didn't see any pocket briefcases either, unless I missed them but couldn't even find one on there

No shipping to canada

Just checked their shipping policy and the ebay outlet store doesn't ship to Canada or anywhere internationally....

Hmm, I guess I'm out of luck.

unless someone ships it to you

I did that for some pens at ebay-dot-uk

Do you know how to set up an automatic search on eBay ?
That's how I found all the junk I got
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I've made one

I've made one in pleather. If anyone is interested let me know. I'll email directions and pictures if you want.

Pleather ?

A new type of material or a typo ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Pleather is slang for an

Pleather is slang for an artificial/synthetic leather made of plastic.

Silly me :)

Now I know better.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I'm interested

Hey Jeff
I am interested. CAn you send me the directions and pictures? I am not very good with cutting and art but I can still try it..


Alternative to SlimWallet

I would definitely be interested too!

Daytimer makes a lovely

Daytimer makes a lovely little card holder/notepad: And wouldn't you know it? I can't find the link.

Ebay outlet again

There's another one on Ebay in the Levenger Outlet starting at 13.95, until Aug 1st. Do you know anyone in the US who would get it for you and ship it to you in Canada?

I just noticed your post now

thanks for the info....I was away for a few months so I hadn't logged on.

I don't know anyone in US who I could have anything shipped to and they can send it to me here....I am still sort of looking for that wallet writer type.

Although I had an ex who lived in NY, but I can't ask her...

I am still looking, and now i have another thing i am interested in as well (along with the slim wallet writer) :-

Something like the Tumi jotter, or the 'essential pocket briefcase' from Levenger - you the ones with the 4 corners (3x5) that i can leave on my desk....or in my coat pocket.

I still love the buxton note jotter i got from ebay and still keeping my eyes open.

Levenger Ebay store

I just checked out the ebay levenger store and they have a few pocket briefcase and a slim wallet writer (monogrammed with initials) for $1.99.

I just have one problem, they won't ship to Canada, and I don't know anyone in US who would take the delivery and send it to me here....

Sadly!! My search continues :)

Otherwise, i would buy 2 or 3 of them....