need help printing my calendar from Outlook or Google to look a bit spiffier

I have my electronic calendar in two places - Outlook and Google. I want to print monthly calendar pages to put in my Circa junior organizer that I made earlier this year. I can print in Outlook using the Day-Timer Junior Desk (page size option) as two pages per month then trim to fit quite nicely. That makes a very functional product. I would like to move beyond the functional product and make it a bit spiffier though. Yes, I can change fonts in the Outlook print function but that is all you can change style-wise. I would like to edit the lines, maybe add some color (beisdes appt colors done with labeling) or graphics. Just make it more personalized and more pleasant to use. I see no print options in Google.

Does anyone know of a web site/free product that I can use with my data from either Google or Outlook to print a calendar in that same 2-page/junior desk size that I can personalize? I tried printing to a file instead of to paper in Outlook but I end up with a .prn file that no software I have can open to edit. If there is a way to save my print as a file that could be opened in Word that might work but I don't see any way of doing that.

Any ideas?

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One of these years...

I am going to figure out libical so I can read iCalendar files into the Dynamic Templates.

Then !! you will be able to....
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New word to me so I checked with no results. Is a libical a piece of software? Inquiring minds need to know....

G.I.Y.F !!

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Printing in Outlook

The only way that I know of to "spruce up" the print out of your Outlook calender would be to either purchase fun paper or print a background image onto white paper and then print your calendar over that.

Oh, and Ygor means "Google is your friend" (G.I.Y.F.) which means look that word up at and you will find your answer! ;) wink

nay nay

Thank you nay nay for the polite answer.

Since "libical" wasn't capitalized as a name I assumed it might be some new techie word that I was not familiar with, hence the dictionary search. Nor did I know what GIYF meant so I appreciate that interpretation as well. I see my low tech background is a distinct disadvantage in this forum.

low tech

Don't worry about being Low-Tech as much of the tech-talk here goes way over my head! But, that is why this forum is here, so we can all learn from each other. So, ask all the questions that you have as someone will answer (maybe not as politely as one would hope, but nonetheless...)and then we will all learn from the Q&A.

This website has outlook

This website has outlook printing tools:

The Calendar Printing Assistant is free, but not sure about the others.

Thank you.

That helped.