Hi I just thought i would post a thanks and tell people how fab i feel about the changes I've made in my life with regards to my system. I've always had a terrible memory and been like "if it doesnt get written down - its never gonna happen..." kind of a person but this all changed when I read, re-read and then started to impliment GTD. I'm not trying to persuade anyone to change systems or anything like that - hey if it works and you see results STICK WITH IT - tweak it, learn from it Heaven knows I have .... I just wanted to post saying that within the last year I have acomplished major life-long dreams - I passed my driving test, I passed teacher training and I had a beautiful baby girl and accomplished many other things that have made a real difference in my life....

I guess my point is having goals and ideas is fine but unless you can check their progress every step of the way alot of stuff gets forgotten - deemed unimportant - "I'll get round to it soon...." But with GTD I seem to have a handle on nearly every aspect of my life and it feels fantastic! Ok, so i cant control if the sun shines or not but my dreams are becoming reality my targets are being met - I'm not forgetting to post the important letter, reply to that email, sign the form , put the washing on... you name it I feel ontop of it and although I'd always LIKE to do more I can pat myself on the back knowing I am getting stuff done - important and not so important "remember the bread" kinda stuff. I guess to cut a long rambling post short if you havent read or tried GTD please do coz even if the whole system isnt for you speaking as someone who at first was totally overwhelmed by all the lists and processing and (yuk!) actually DEALING with the unspoken I bit the bullet and my mind is now free to dream, get inspired enjoy family time and not be in costant anxiety about one thing or another.

I am so glad I found the book and implimented the system coz sure I may have got SOME of the stuff done it wouldnt be anywhere near as much as what I can clearly see marked off now and I feel truly blessed I have a system that allows me to be me instead of watching things slip thru the cracks and being reminded of them at 2am when i should be asleep!

GTD get the book or audio - give it a real go - heaven knows where I would be without it now. It has literally honestly changed my life - day to day am-pm and long term and how many books can you really claim to have done that (unless you got your own book published?! haha)

thanks for reading x

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Congrats to you on all of these exciting and life-changing goals! Especially your little girl!

nay nay

thanks I guess i dont want

thanks I guess i dont want to come across as smug and perfect and hope that hasnt been the case but its nice to sit back once in awhile a go - "PHEW! Ive really been productive here!" yknow and thanks nay nay my little girl is beautiful and makes me work even harder on those projects so i can give her the life she deserves :-)


And thanks, what a great review. I've read it and just looked at the cover yesterday, I need to reread it and see if there are more things I could use in this book. :-) Thanks for the reminder!

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What I would say is look at his google seminar on youtube it makes GTD come alive more than the book it makes the whole concept much more palpable, I feel. Treat it like a shop of ideas - take what you need, leave the rest try it on for size then come back if youre happy lol :-) GOOD LUCK

congrats! good to read GTD

Congratulations on making positive changes in your life! GTD was definitely worth reading & thinking about for me even though I found trying to implement the whole thing completely overwhelming.

Like you, I noticed that if I don't write something down, it doesn't get done. This has become more noticeable with my new job where am I constantly juggling at least 2 or 3 projects and then go home to a 10 month old daughter on top of my schedule that I thought was already packed.

So here's the bits of GTD that I actually do:

* File cabinet - alphabetized

* Tickler file up front in the filing cabinet for reminders.

* Everything I need to do sometime soon gets written down

* Everything I want to do but have no clue when gets written down in a section of my planner labeled "Someday". This includes a page for books I want to read, another for office supplies I want to buy :-)

In action to my todo list & someday sections, I have a Goals section for tracking my progress toward the big goals I want to accomplish. New to the goals section: rewards for hitting milestones on the way to goals.

What I don't do:

* Contexts - 90% of the time I'm within reach of a computer and phone either at work or home, so the whole @computer, @phone, etc thing never made sense to me.

* I don't use a label maker

* I don't follow David Allen's recommendations for keeping a file cabinet. Hanging folders are just fine for me.



I think as David himself has said many times alot of people like the tips and tricks and for me if it works HOORAY! I do have a filing cabinet but its not labeled A-Z as he writes its arranged by project material names such as "University" or "Teacher Training" etc etc and its hanging folders (contraversial i know) but for me they work. David has many fab ideas but I do not precribe to all his tips tricks and advice - if I did then it wouldnt be "my" system and it would not feel as connected to me as it already does if that makes sense?! I also dont write @ so and so when i first started GTD I used to but now i just crank through next actions and constantly ask myself "What IS the next action??" and am always thinking whats next as opposed to being reactive I am pro-active and thats helped my productivity no end for sure! Im liking the rewards section idea -I recently came to the end of big goal and felt abit "WOW now what do i do?!" lol and of course the answer is - reward yourself cross it off the project list and look at the someday maybe or any other notes I have made about future projects - I think its important to kep the momentum going or the temptation is to feel lost and fall off the GTD wagon.. im trying not to be religious about GTD i know it may seem far too deep for some but imho for me my take on it is literally transforming my life so i think its incredible!