My very global mission statement

A mission statement.
Some phrases are taken out of the book "girlosophy" by Anthea Paul, I read when I was a high school-er, some ideas were taken out of "non violent communication" by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg. Some ideas were also taken out of "terapia del alma" by Graciela Peréz Martínez

The idea of writing out "my mission statement" was taken out of the very, well known book,
" 7 habits of success people" by Convey.

I of course tried to only write thing that I felt "personal" thing I thought I had to learn and remember

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I fold a copy and it one a paste it on my planner, and I have another one stuck up on the inside of my closet.
-You need to see it every day, when you start your day, whenever you need a bit of direction, while planning, making decisions, you need some perspective on your "big picture".
It's so personal... whatever inspires you and makes you tick.

*Dear fellow D.I.Y user: Give feedback, if you want! :-)
I'm a complete newbie; I'm learning how this site works and criticism is by no means a problem.

Thank you

Hablo castellano/español, sí prefieren que yo haga esta plantilla, en castellano pidan y lo intento traducir. Gracias.

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Just wanted to mention that your mission statement is beautiful... I hope you achieve very quickly all that you seek to become.. thanks for sharing such a personal aspect of your life.

Beautiful and Inspiring

I have been meaning to add a comment for awhile. I agree with Debbie. This is beautiful and inspiring. Much like one of my personal favorites: Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. Thank you for sharing.


This is very nice

I like this a lot. Me gustaria ver como suena en castellano, si tiene el mismo contenido emocional. Yo lo podria traducir con facilidad, pero me gustaria ver tu version.