Hello, everyone:

I'm AngloAmerican (hence the name), I work for the US DOD, and I live near DC. I love my iPhone but I missed my old Palm wallet with room for stamps and a pen and a note pad. I write faster than I can type. I've bought the Levenger sample pack and then some junior paper and covers so I've got two junior notebooks; thinking one for work and one for home. Plus the full size letter one which I don't know what I will use for.

This looks like a great forum.

Oh, I lust after the Levenger punch. Dunno why? Avarice?


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Very Interesting job.

Could your iPhone fit into your Palm wallet?

Punches are great to print out your own pages, be it with custom ruling, for to do lists, special format calendar or contact pages.

Some custom made pages are for work, creative endeavors...

You get the pictures. :)

Please share your setup with us and we can help. :)

Welcome to D.I.Y

iPhone in Palm Wallet

I never tried; mainly because I couldn't see ripping it out of the wallet every time I wanted to make or take a call.

What a kind offer; thank you. :)

Welcome, neighbor !

I'm in the DC area also.
If you need a punch, let me know and maybe we can hook up.
You could use my Circa Maximus, or as I call her, Smurf-Zilla!

This is the no-longer-available Levenger version of the Rollabind PBS 2000
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Hello Southern Maryland

:) I clicked on the link - wow that's one mean machine! :)