Trent Hamm in his blog on Notetaking

In his blog 'The simple Dollar' Trent posted an article about his way of notetaking:
I found it very interesting, so I recommend it to the audience.

Have fun

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Good article

Sounds like a variation on the "In-Box" idea common to multiple planning techniques.

At the top was a link to another article I thought just as good if not better: 14 Ways a Notebook in Your Pocket Can Save You Money. Lots of good ideas in this one !
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I carry 2 notepads at all time.

One is Junior size and one is pocket size.

The pocket size is a PDA notebook on the cheap. I buy recycled paper notepads in bulk at dollar/discount stores, the bargain bin at drugstores and at Target.

The paper is so horrible, it doesn't take fountain pen at all.

I use it to give out or receive info such as directions. It is the perfectly sized to replace expensive post it notes.
Great for reader's notes.

The Junior size holds lists, detailed info and direction for complicated things or concepts.

In a pinch, it can serve as a dairy on the go, travel journal, doc/vet appointment questions, quick note taker.

Right now, I am using up a small stash of Ampad recycled notepads but I am hoping to upgrade to
Rhodia as soon as possible.

I use fountain pens but Ampad recycled notepads have no consistent sizing, forcing me to use inkrollers or pencils.

I also carry a letter sized notepad of the same brand with my letter sized paperwork.

It bugs me not to be able to use fountain pens with my current and last batch of Ampad recycled notepads but I need to use them up.