Where is everyone ?

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I've been wondering the same

I've been wondering the same thing, ygor.

Has everyone gone digital?

Was wondering the same thing myself. Has everyone gone digital???


I am but a simple caveman.



Where is everyone ?

Never Digital! Just been very busy at work and home. Using my moleskine monthly planner to keep on track.

Have been lusting after the Custom Moleskines put out for the San Fransisco MOMA. A City notebook and sketchbook. Just saving my pennies for a while.


Just Busy

Very busy here. And with spring comes yards and gardens. And tee-ball coaching. Not to mention work, life, the universe and everything else.

Gotta go...

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

I have noticed the echos when I stop by...

I've just started a new job, so no time ... but it certainly has been reserved here lately.

I'm here

I read the site every day, but... you know... I'm working full time and I commute and I have a life and all...

Plus, ygor does it so good! Why mess with a good thing?

Many of may have moved on from "how to plan" to actually "doing"

I bet a lot of us have gotten to the point where our paper planning systems, though never perfect, are Good Enough for our current needs.

Spending a lot of time revamping systems that already work 85% percent is sort of anti-productivity, you know? Better 85% and time spent actually making progress on our life goals instead of spending hours obsessively tweaking our systems in pursuit of that elusive perfection.

Re: I'm Here!

I visit here several times a week..Haven't replied as much but I'm sure it will pick up again!

im always lurking in the

im always lurking in the shadows fidgeting with stuff :) truth be told, work is sucking the happy out of me :)

my lack of a "system" is resulting in chaos and more unhappy sara... so i'm in the plotting and planning stage where i absorb everything i can find before i dive into a new system. i hope.

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Could have said the same myself!

Add to that a new house, moving, a chaotic and uncertain job situation and too many worries/thoughts to fit in a system.

Or... hmmm... maybe now is the right time for a system? A little black book for black thoughts. A book that can be burned symbolically afterwards! :-)

I've been checking in

I've been checking in weekly. Trying to convince myself that my chosen planner systems are working!!

Too much of everything [I love] is just enough.
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cutting paper

I've been spending all my spare time trying to cut my letter size paper perfectly in half with a variety of paper cutters (all have failed). Yes, I know I can take it to Staples or Office Depot, but I still need a good trimmer for those emergency situations where I must.cut.paper.now. ;)

I have some templates to upload one of these days, but I keep procrastinating on that...

You need a guillotine.

The same kind that Office Depot or others have in their copy machine area.

It looks like a sharp, wide knife affixed to a cutting board.
You can buy one for yourself at those stores in the paper cutting area, they are usually in the lower shelf because they come in a big box.

I hope there is no assembly required. :)

Any guillotine user willing to give us a tutorial or advice on where to purchase the best one?

Sorry to be unclear

I guess my first post was unclear. I have already purchased and returned 5 different models of paper trimmer/cutter/guillotine ( as in "variety of paper cutters"). It was annoying to put a piece of paper at the 5 1/2" mark and then end up with two sheets of paper that were different sizes, neither of which was 5 1/2". I never had this problem with the paper cutter at my previous job, but it was at least 10 years old and that model isn't made any more. My quest continues.

Staples will cut it for a

Staples will cut it for a couple bucks and I think (I THINK) they'll do it for free if you buy the paper there. Anytime I've had it done, they used their super cool laser cutter dealy thing and it always comes out perfect and mine lasts forever.

Although granted I'd like my own cutter too for my Compact stuff. I've used the slider cutter and it seemed to do a pretty good job.


Maddie, thank you. I knew that Staples cut paper (as mentioned in my first post) but I think you are the first person to mention that they use a laser guide to do it for an accurate cut. My worst fear was to go in there and come out with mismatched, uneven pages. I might be heading there later today now that I have your information. :)

glad I could be of help :^)

glad I could be of help :^)

You made me check my cutter

I have a guillotine that does an accurate job of cutting (if I keep my hands steady *lol*). It's an old model, though. Can't remember how long I've had it. It's called a Rotex (#11212). The blade has never dulled, or I haven't noticed if it has.

It's scary to think that if this eventually dies, other cutters out there are less than perfect.

Good luck with your quest. I'd be interested to know what you find.

P.S. Just checked my ream of paper that was cut at my local Staples (in Toronto). One side is bigger than the other! I don't believe it!! *sigh*

Same here

That's exactly what happened to me yesterday. I excitedly headed to the nearest Staples, spoke to the woman at the counter and told her that I specifically wanted an accurate cut with equal size sheets of paper, and still ended up with two stacks of different size paper. :( I even asked for one sheet on a practice cut (which the machine can't do, unfortunately because of the clamp). I didn't realize how bad the larger stack was until I printed a full month worth of daily pages and put them behind the tab and saw how far they stuck out (I use Franklin Covey tabs because I just like them better than anything I can make).

I will cut the larger pages down to size one at a time before I print anything else, and I'll use the too small pages for 'throw away' forms and notes. Back to square one, and finding more cutters to try at home.

:^( I'm sorry - they've

I'm sorry - they've always done it perfectly when I've had them do it. You must've gotten a bad clerk.

Perfect paper?

Hi again,

My husband suggested that we check our letter-sized paper to see if it is perfectly 8 1/2 by 11. lol
He suggested if you start off wrong, you'll always end up that way.

So, shamelessly, I checked. My paper's perfect. How about yours?

You know, the cut from Staples is only off about 0.1 of an inch, but it really bothers me. If this site wasn't full of people just like me, I would think I was nuts for being bothered by such a small difference in paper size.

Great suggestion

You are not alone in your frustration about the paper cutting.
They should be able to cut it perfectly.
The problem is that they do not care enough to make the necessary effort.
The two obvious choices from there are:

  1. Try to get them to care
  2. Try someone else - either another employee or another business

Good luck and keep on demanding higher quality !
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

smaller print shops

How about going to a locally-owned print shop? They might care more because their livelihood depends on it. Even though folks at the big box stores might care for pen and paper, it might not be their passion. [Passion is a good reason for caring so much about 0.1 inch - it's not craziness :)]

If you want something done right . . .

I think I'll put my passion to good use and do it myself, as I usually do. I just decided to be lazy the last time around. Serves me right! lol

i used to work at a local

i used to work at a local family owned print shop - we were very careful to give clients what they wanted (Plus i am crazy ocd about stuff like that).

Did you think of calling the place you had it done and asking the manager if he can make it right? Most places won't ask you to pay for something they mucked up. :)

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Too long ago

Frankly, I don't think it's worth my energy . . . this time around. If there's a next time, you can be sure that I'll stand right at the counter and check the cut before paying (all of $2, I think).

I keep laughing to myself about this topic. In my "normal" world this would be way over the heads of people I deal with daily. I always knew I was from outer space, but now I know which planet: the D*I*YPlanIt!

Nooo you're not nuts.

I will admit I am the same way. If it is off by even a fraction, I am shaving it so it is equal. We have high standards, that's all. :)

Still lurking about

tryng to conquer the digital/paper divide. So far so good...calendar and contacts on company BBerry, all to-do's and notes on paper. However, on work days, I find that when I sit to write my "Must do's" for the day, I quickly sketch out my calendar as well on that same page -- gives me context on when I'll be in meetings and when I get to do the "real work" at my desk.


But it worked !!

Look at how many of y'all popped up when I rattled my cage :)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

so thats what that noise was

so thats what that noise was ;) hehe

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Checking in

I'm still here too! But life keeps messing with my computer time! So I lurk...

I'm always late to the party

But I'm here and still reading a couple times a week. It has hit the 80s here in the South, and I'm in the yard doing the spring clean-up thing...

Downloaded a new template two weeks ago, tweaked it on open office and just started giving it a trial run yesterday with the new month. Went back to a letter size ring planner after I realized that saving space with the classic was costing me with note taking space.

I have so many different size planers I flip back and forth with, it's ridiculous.

Hope all is well with the DIY "family". Happy Easter all!