D*I*Y Planner on Facebook?

Hi guys,

I'm probably not the first person to enquire and maybe I missed it but is there a Facebook group for all us DIYers? I know of course we got Flickr but what about facebook? Might help some other people get interested in thinking about creative, personal planning and productivity instead of just buying the store's 99p diary and "making do" ?? Hey, any interest is good, right? If there already is a group, I missed it and I'm dense and I'm sorry (also linlety link please!) but if not WHY NOT??!! Its not my place to create such a group as I am but a lowly GTDer with a paper fetish but maybe Ygor you could advise?? :-) Lets tell the world we plan, we're productive and we're proud!!!! :-)

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i wouldn't mind helping out

i wouldn't mind helping out with this is the powers-that-be approve. I know Innowen and I are on Twitter so... why not more social networking? :D
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I do not do Facebook

or Twitter or any of the other things.
I rarely use iChat.
I have never sent a "text" from my cell phone.

I just never got into that stuff and neither have the folks I socialize with. Mostly I use e-mail and the telephone for my social networking.

That said, I would not discourage the rest of y'all from starting up a DIY on Facebook or whatever, but I agree with Sara that The Boss must be heard from on this. Has anyone sent a note to Doug ?
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Stay right here!

I cancelled Facebook and Twitter when several girls who bullied me in grade school started hounding me. Imagine holding a grudge that long??!!! I don't need that kind of hassle in my life for the privilege of seeing mostly ads so I gladly turned my back on those in favor of boards like this one.

Not for me thanks

I wouldn't be a facebooker. Although that shouldn't stop any who really wants to do this.

My employer 'encourages' (very strongly encourages) all its staff to make the organisation's facebook page a 'friend' so that we're all sharing the same information.

I'd rather like to avoid being Big Brothered so I don't have a facebook account and won't anytime in the near future.

I'm there but...

No interest for a Facebook here either, although I DO have an account.

But Katrina, you can have somebody as a friend and still not share everything... I have several "friends" whom I don't really care about but didn't want to appear rude either by turning down the invitation. I have simply adjusted my privacy setting so, that this group of people never see what I am doing there. No statuses etc. I might see what they do, unless they have done the same thing, or unless I have chosen not to have their updates on my front page. I also have a bigger group of people whom I just don't know well enough to let them read my sometimes quite private updates. I let them see only some of my posts.

It might be a good idea, though, to stay out of there anyway... It's really a potential time thief, and once you're in, the treshold to leave is much higher than to keep out of there initially.

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OK very mixed reaction

It was just an idea I can see the points about privacy worries etc I just thought it might be a fab way to raise awareness. I can also see the point about it sucking time away from you and ironically harming productivity rather than promoting it. I would like to know Doug's thoughts on this matter but so far the reaction doesnt seem too positive :-(

It was just an idea, guys! I'm full of them hahaha :-) If the general consensus is a no I certainly wont be starting any Fan-type site myself as I wanted it to be a "Community spirited" thing rather than a Lone Ranger project lol. Thanks for the responses anyway, guys. Maybe it can go on the Someday/Maybe list??!! :-)

Still a good idea

It's still a good idea! While privacy is a concern, it's largely manageable on Facebook, and of course plenty of people make it work for them. I'd definitely "fan" a group like this if it existed!