Can't figure it out!

I came upon this site a couple of days ago and it looks like the answer to many years of frustration.

I have been in several work situations and the commercial "cookie cutter" calendars found in the office supply or Wal-Mart were never what I needed. They would have some of what I needed and then a lot that I didn't.

It was also frustrating to need next year's calendar in May of this year (for example).

I love my OS Office and I use Firefox. My os is Windows XP.

What I am having trouble figuring out how to access these templates. It is probably a tiny thing I am not doing.

What I want is 2 page a day that I can fully customize.

I have down loaded Dynamic Templates v 2.05. It is still in zipped format. I can get in but have not been able to unzip it and save the templates. When I do git in it I get the first screen shot of a calendar but none of the other templates.


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Program, not files


The dynamic templates tool is a program, not a set of templates in a package. You open the program, select the template and other settings you want, and either print to the printer or print to a file.

If you want to customize everything, you need to be downloading the 'open office' files that people have posted, including the widget kit..they have the .odg extension. You'll need to open and edit them.



What can I change on the Dynamic template page to clarify that it is a software application ?
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I myself have trouble

I myself have trouble getting dynamic templates to do exactly what I want it to. *Ygor is wonderful and I'm certain the program is perfect - I just don't have the capacity to get it to do what I want it to. He has made numerous attempts to help me with it, but it just doesn't suit me, I reckon.*

I've found that the best way to FULLY customize (for me) is by using the MS Word Tables feature or Excel depending on which you're most comfortable with.

By the way, I saw in another of your posts that you're in Georgia. Me too! Where in Georgia do you live? (I'm in Rome.)

Still don't

I have the Open Office.
I would like to save the templates but I cannot seem to access any but the very first that has the
BIG numerical date and to the right is where you set the begin and end dates, etc.

I am in Buchanan, GA. Don't blink or you will miss it :)

Would you like some help ?

You are welcome to contact me.
Click on my name next to "Submitted by" at the top of this posting.
You will get a screen with my profile info that has a tab labelled "Contact"

That's how you can send me an e-mail. I will respond and see what I can do to help get you moving forward.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


I would like some help. I will contact you soon. Many thanks.

I started on computers in the late 80s when DOS 2.0 was great and Corel Word Perfect was the way to go. Just before I left college a professor tried to push into the then new IT. Can you guess how many times I have kicked myself for not doing that?

Anyway, I kept up with the tech through the 5.25 discs and then the 3.5 disks. After that it started changing so fast that I just let it go. Now I'm 56 and I really don't want to learn the new programing languages.


That's pretty nearby! Near

That's pretty nearby! Near enough to know it's "Buuuhcanun." :^)


When we moved here 8 years ago I thought it was just the red neck way of saying Buchanan. Then a couple years ago I was one of the local town meetings when someone explained it to the group.

President Buchanan like the area and spent a lot of time here.
AND his nickname was Buck. That is how the name Buchanan got bastardized to Buckanan.

I didn't know that! You

I didn't know that! You learn something every day. :^)