Multi notebooks?

Hi im wondering if you notebook fiends can help me out - I'm looking for a pretty notebook which is A5 and has mutli styles of paper in - i.e plain, lined maybe squared and I cant seem to find one anywhere? Any help? When I say pretty I just mean a nice design logo or pattern on the front.... I cant seem to locate one and i know this is DIY planner but i wouldnt know where to start putting my own together as i dont really want a ring binder that opens and shuts i just want a spiral bound, pretty notebook with multi-paper in it (and relatively thick - like myself! hahaha) Any ideas?! I feel the urge to splurge and it has to be on a notebook - nothing else will satisfy my craving mwahahahahahaha

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Look for the paper


Look for the paper you want, then glue some nice scrapbook or wrapping paper over the cover.

I'm not really that into the preprinted models, but as long as you can find some glue and a paper you like, you should be able to cover up any ugly covers you find.


Inlays or Brandbook


I have two suggestions:
Take a Moleskine (or any other bound notebook from your stationary) with blank pages.
Then print or draw inlay pages with the lining of choice fitting into that notebook. If you place such a sheet unter the page you want to write on you will have your individual lining.
Or try,index.html. There you can customize nearly any type of notebook.

Have fun!

Have you tried Borders?

They have some by Paperchase. Spiral bound notebooks with plain, lined, graph, slash pockets and even a plastic zip pocket. I'm not sure if you will find a cover to your liking or not though...

PERFECT!! exactly what I was

PERFECT!! exactly what I was after! Thanks ever so much and the designs are funky too! :-) Muchos thankos x