I joined a little while ago. This is my second post. I went through the site. I think I need something so I can use 2 pages a day. The only one I saw was the one (I think it is called) called A5. I want one that uses 5.5 x 8.5 paper. It looked like most use weekly pages. Anyway, I tried to download and then print out some pages. I do not have a printer so I am doing this from a library. I could not download it. This compuuter has Adobe and I was going to download it using Adobe. I also had a tough time just finding templates as I said I saw only one that looked useable for my needs. Any help would be appreciated. I think I can get back here on Tues. I do have a computer at home I can save files but not print.


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I subscribed to your blog when is the next post

Hi gbsk. I think the size

Hi gbsk. I think the size you want is what they call "Classic" (or "Classic 2-Up" if you're looking to print two pages per letter-sized sheet), but I don't see a two-page-per-day layout either. I'm new here too, though, so I might be missing something.

Try the dynamic templates

templates/Dynamic Templates List

I'm sure Ygor has included that. If I'm wrong, he'll correct me. I see it on the depracated list, so it was in one of the older versions.

Help, Ygor!

It's in there !

And I ain't talking 'bout spaghetti sauce, neither !!
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help for confused

If your public library is anything like my public library then you cannot download and install anything on their computers. If you have internet access on your home computer then you could download the files there, save them to a jump drive, cd, etc. and take them to the library for printing. If your library allows you to use a jump drive (some do, some don't for secrity reasons) then you might be able to download files to your jump drive there instead of downloading to the library computer drive. You could also try the "dynamic templates" to make your own pages for printing. I don't know if you can download and install that app to a jump drive at the library or not but you could give it a try. I haven't been able to use it but many have so that may work for you as well.

there are several online

there are several online storage sites that you can upload your pdfs to for later printing. Also there are drop-box type sites too :)

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Do you have a computer at home ?

It would be fairly easy to prepare all your documents to print at home and then bring them to the library to print.

Contrarywise, (I love that word. Thank you, Lewis Carroll) given what they charge per page at MY library, you might spend less by going to a copy center that can do computer documents. Is there a FedEx Office (used to be called FedEx/Kinko's) near you ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)