hPDA / middle way novitiate

for most of my life i've been pretty incorrigible about organizing formal stuff. not horrible, just cluttered and never really committed to doing much about it. i got by, but with some recent developments in my life, personal and professional, i went looking for a little more direction.

as i mentioned in another thread, i've never had much success with formal methods or products. there are multiple reasons for that, but the main one, i'd guess, is commitment to a routine. the sense of rigidness in a commercially produced product/system was a factor, too.

the hPDA appealed to me for a lot of reasons, then i read the series here on the middle way. this gave me both more appreciation for both bottom-up and top-down methods, as well as a sense of what hadn't worked for me before. i've spent the last few weeks trying and tweaking some things, guided primarily by the ideas in the middle way writing. i'm trying to keep it pretty simple and modular. so far, so good!

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Make your own system.

Perhaps, like me, you have been trying to fit yourself into a system instead of building a system that fits you.

I'm glad that you found something that works. However, if you're interested, I found a very helpful article by Francis Wade of 2time-sys.com about the fundamentals of time management. The idea is if you know the rules, you can create your own system. Unfortunately, I can't find the exact page right now but if you would like a copy of the document, I'll be happy to e-mail it to you.

Best of success to you!

Iterative-developmental approach

Thanks, thall! It sounds like, at least to some degree, you are describing the approach I'm taking. As I said, my recent efforts have been "inspired" by the Middle Way and some of the templates I've found here and elsewhere online -- I'm taking a very iterative approach and figuring out what does and doesn't work for me as I go. As I read it, this is very much in the spirit of the Middle Way. I'm not sure exactly what works yet, but I am (still!) enthusiastic about figuring it out.

Besides, the changing circumstances of my life and work have changed the way I look at organization and time management, especially compared to the way I looked at them (say) 3 years ago. What works for me now will necessarily be a lot different from anything that might have worked then.

All that said, I appreciate your recommendation -- I'm poking over Mr. Wade's writings now, and his approach to developing and personalizing a time mgmt system is definitely interesting, and may well figure into my considerations. Thanks for the recommendation! Best of success to you, too.