Contact Keeper a new way to organize business cards

It is a neat idea, Letter, Junior binders and card size holder that keep contact/business cards and note together.

No affilation, just saw it on a office supply blog while searching for something else.

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Nice idea, but a bit pricey

I can add that to my current planner setup by using transparent tape or a sticky-note gluestick
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My thoughts exactly and I found a way to D.I.Y it already :)

Plastic business card holders are easy to find in all kind of sizes.

Using a page for notes facing the business cards would serve the same purpose.

A business card has, by definition, a lot of useful information about a contact.
Notes about the contact should be short such as "person doesn't like coffee",
"allergic to (type of food or substance)
"appointments in only in the morning/afternoon".

I really don't see myself able to fit everything needed for a project involving a person or a group of people in the short space their card holding and notes page is providing.

thank you

Thank you for the feedback and comments. I love, and hope you don't mind a brief comment on our product. We are excited to be launching Contact Keeper at the National Stationery Show in New York in May, and we are getting a great response from those on the job search who use it on interviews, trade show attendees, and sales people who have many 20-30 minute meetings. The key to Contact Keeper is not only keeping the business card and the notes together and organized, but also the impression you make to the card giver of being organized and dedicating a page just to them and what they are about to say. Please give us a try and you will see. Free Shipping at our site for a limited time. Thank you.

By the way, welcome to the site

Any vendor of a planner-related product is welcome on the site as long as they identify themselves.
We have had some astroturrfing trolls in the past. Not fun.
Better to be open and honest about it.

So, welcome.
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The right audience


I can totally see how that type of arrangement would be very good for the sales rep or heavy-networking type person or situation. I am sure there are other cases where having longer notes about the contact would be valuable. And I'm guessing there are fewer people in that group who DIY all their own stuff.

And yes, the impression that you're paying attention to the person and even taking notes on what tidbits they're letting fall is definitely useful to that audience.

I think there are many people on this site that don't fall into that audience, but that's OK. I was interested to see the product even though I'm not in the target group. I see this as a case of trading money for time and polish and convenience, which is a perfectly reasonable thing for a busy sales guy or networker to do. The busy networker needs to keep organized too, dontcha know.. :)

Honestly of the whole arrangement, I thought the shape of the die-cuts in the paper the most interesting. A very simple and neat solution, and it looks like it fits a range of card sizes--handy when people are handing out all sorts of stuff ranging from the calling card to doohickeys that fold, stuff that's specifically oversized so it sticks out of the stack, etc. And yah, thinner than the vinyl business card sheets for sure.



Any plans for making pages for lefties? I could see the product being useful but am left-handed and I could see the right-handed pages being awkward.

I think I know a way...

The page looks reversable, so a lefty could just use it from the left.
I can let you know for certain when I get the samples I asked for (in return for a review!)
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Yes, the reverse side of the page works perfectly for lefties as far as inserting the card, but you can still use it the regular way just insert the card with your right hand and then write notes with your left hand.

It's the rings...

It's not the design of the page (necessarily), it's the rings that get in the way for lefties. That's what makes it difficult for them to use ring bound organizers and office supplies. Almost every lefty I know prefers top bound notepads and such. :)

Here's my question for you: would you be willing to sell the pages unpunched for those of us that want to customize them for our own systems (top bound, 7 hole, 3 hole, or Circa/Rolla)?

Also, would you be willing to sell just the card holding pages on their own? I don't need calendar pages, notes pages, weekly pages, etc. If I were to use something like this, I would just like to put a set of them behind a tab in my current planner.

It's the rings...

I see your point for lefties. The original concept was actually with spiral, but decided on the rings in response to user research so that people could rearrange their contact pages in different ways. The top bound ideas didn't make it for the initial production. We are working on new items for future release to address this however, but it will depend on overall demand on what order they get released.

All of the pages we have produced and are in stock do have the left side punched already for the rings, but you can purchase refill kits and make additional punches in the top, or 7 hole, 3 hole or Circa/Rolla) and see how that works.

Future plans for refill kits include those with contact pages only, but for now they are in stock already packaged as full kits, but you should know they are mostly contact pages (30 plus 3) and the other pages (lined note pages 15, calendar 1, day planner 2, expense log/receipt envelope 1, business activity envelope 1) are relatively few compared to the contact pages.

Maybe we can make a discount code especially for DIYPLANNER.COM to help you out on cost? This would help defray cost for those are looking to DIY this item.

Discounts are always nice!!

: )

reverse side not the same as the front side

The reverse side of the page does not look the same as the front side of the contact pages. The card slot with security tab and the priority marking appears to be on one side only, not the reverse side. The reverse side looks like just a lined sheet. Or maybe there's a photo that I don't see. The rings do get in the way but also what gets in the way for me as a lefty is that if I wanted to write on the front side of the page I would have the whole left side of the piece in the way, the same way it is for righties who are writing on the back side of the paper. I often end up just trying to fold back the front cover of binders/planners and turning the whole thing at an angle to reach right printed pages comfortably.

sticky note idea

Thanks ygor, we have actually designed a solution that works similar to your comment, and will launch in our second phase of product releases. Thank you.

I look forward to it

Let's see what ya got !
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I Like the Looks/Idea

Need to hold it, play with it and see which pocket the little guy won't easily fit.


I too love the look and idea of it!

I especially like the band that holds the book closed. The sheets are ingenius! I too would love the opportunity to buy unpunched sheets as I almost solely use my circa notebooks.

Stand by for a detailed review

At my request, Matt (Mr. Contect Keeper) sent me product samples.
I plan to get that done by this weekend. With lotsa pictures and everything.

First impressions: very nice and well made.

I am uncertain, for myself, about this being a stand-alone system rather than a supplement to an existing planning system.

But I am going to give this product an honest and objective once-over.

Film @ 11 ! :)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Contact Keeper is now available at Office Depot

Hi DIYers! Happy New Year. I'm Matt with Contact Keeper and I wanted to make sure you knew that Contact Keeper products are now available at all Office Depot stores and at

Please see today's Office Depot press release at

If you wanted to see our products in your hands before you tried them you can now go to your local Office Depot store and check them out. We are a new solution to keeping business cards and notes together.

Also, we now have two new products available (to be up on our website soon).

Large 4 Card Refill
Medium 2 Card Refill

These refill kits both have 30 contact pages (Large = letter size with standard 3 hole punched, and Medium = 4 3/4" x 7 1/8" size pages with 2 hole punched).

These new products are a direct result of feedback from users who wanted to have more pages of multiple cards per page. We appreciate your feedback and support and hope you give us a try. Thank you.

Thank You for the update!

A visit to the local Office Depot is in order! :)

I Could Have Used This

Back when I worked for a living as a magazine reporter, ContactKeeper would have been useful for interviews. I sometimes found myself in a room with several executives from a firm, all of whom had given me their business cards. I used to spread them on the table in front of me next to my notebook while I took notes. That way, I could refer to them as we all spoke.

It would also have come in handy when meeting Japanese executives. There is a certain etiquette in offering business cards (fingers of both hands) and accepting them (fingers of both hands). One never writes on a Japanese person's business card (so that he can see), so putting the card in one of these pockets would have let me preserve the card(s) pristine while also taking notes.

I agree with Ygor that a set of these could never function stand-alone. Also, it is unfortunate that they are three-hole punched. If you try to re-punch in a 7-hole punch, you could make a costly mistake. Still, they are fun to play with.

I've made my own

I almost hate to admit this, because the rep from Contact Keeper posted here and sent ygor a set to review, but I've made a few of these pages on my own, just to see if I could.

I just took a piece of paper and traced all the way around a business card, then I cut a semi circle slit at each end of the business card and voila, tucked the card under the half moons. I didn't actually put these pages to use in a binder or anything, I just wanted to see if it could be done.

I suspect if I got serious about it, made a template with lines, and printed it onto 65 pound cardstock or something heavier, it would work just fine. I don't have any need for it at this time, but if the situation arises, I'll probably make a serious attempt at it.

So, having reviewed...

Could the medium sized pages be made to work in a Circa Junior sized planner? Or do you think the size offset and the thickness of the paper (relative to normal note/printer paper) would make things be oddly bulky?

I ask because I can see some Contact Keeper pages being a very useful addition to my Circa planner - when I do get business cards from people I almost always need to write something about them even if it's just a planned meeting or time to call - but I don't get anything like enough business cards on a regular basis to have a dedicated binder.

(I can go look at Office Depot, I suppose, but such things tend to be shrink-wrapped and thus not necessarily that easy to get a feel for.)

Update of Contact Keeper line of products

Hi, this is Matt from Contact Keeper at and I just wanted to post an update of what is new with us:

1. Contact Keeper is now available in all 1,100 Office Depot stores, at and at about 860 FedEx Office stores.

2. We now have new refill types available. A Medium 2 Card per page refill that holds 60 business cards, and a Large (letter size) 4 Card per page refill that holds 120 business cards, both types with room for notes. This is in direct response to customer feedback asking for these items.

3. Our America's Messiest Business Card Contest is under way at where you can post a photo or video of your business card collection and win prizes. See below.

Thank you DIYers for all of your support!

How organized are the important business cards you've collected in the last couple of years?

If you're like most people we've talked to, the answer is; 'not very'. At Contact Keeper we know the value of keeping business cards and meeting notes together and organized. We want to see your system for organizing your business card collection - even if you have failed miserably - and we're giving away big prizes:

GRAND PRIZE for the MESSIEST business card collection
$400 Office Depot gift card and a set of Contact Keeper Small, Medium, and Large products

SPECIAL PRIZE for the MOST ORGANIZED business card collection
$250 Office Depot gift card and a set of Contact Keeper Small, Medium, and Large products

$250 Office Depot gift card and a set of Contact Keeper Small, Medium, and Large products

Contact Keeper has developed a family of products to help keep business cards and meeting notes together and organized that is designed around how people really work. See them for yourself at


on getting into Office Depot
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