Levenger's New and Improved Circa Desk Punch -- $70 !

The price has gone UP ! Saw it there today on their web site.

But I am not holding my breath.
I had occasion, this past weekend, to possibly be able to check one out in person.
I called ahead to see if one was available and I was told that they have not yet arrived.

Real Soon Now.

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I just received my NEW punch!!

It works great! Except I don't have anything for comparison.

Right now on ebay you can buy a NEW (new in box or NEW ONE??) for 39.95, Item # 180493276996

I am giving circa a second try. It did not work for me the first time around. I am trying to think outside of the box. But for a left-brained person, it is hard to do. I have found that they will work great for my genealogy project. This alone will make it worth it.

I have sent an email to see if the NEW ebay punch is old and new not-opened or truly new.

Probably some of the old ones.

Also I love the new fancy letter notebooks. I have a purple one and an aqua one with squares. Very nice, but look different than the picture. I would love to see some smaller sizes in this material.


Are you sure you have a NEW one ?

Or just one of the old ones ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Yes, I better have a new one.....

.....since I paid 68.00 for it. The ones for sale on eBay are old model but new in package.

Not any more !

Right now on ebay you can buy a NEW (new in box or NEW ONE??) for 39.95, Item # 180493276996

There were a dozen available and they all went just that fast !
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

The price increase is SO like Levenger

I won't be buying a new punch now. I had planned on it when it was the original price but $70 is ridiculous!

You might have waited too long....

I wrote them (actually, I replied to my original order confirmation for my punch, which I ordered in December) asking about how to get the new punch. As far as I can tell, there's a new one on the way, and a free return shipping label for the old one, as well.

Which also means, expect another old punch to show up on the Levenger eBay outlet in a few weeks. :)

My replacement punch arrived...

Gotta' love their customer service. I asked if I could swap, their response was "Yes, we're shipping you a new one, ship the old one back when you get the new one". And they shipped the replacement 2-day express, which is faster than my original order was, even.

At any rate, the new punch does appear to have improved the shape of the smurfs. As soon as I can, I'll scan a card that I punched with both the new and the old punch, so it'll be easy to compare the shapes.

Here's a comparison

Comparison of old punch holes to new punch holes

I suppose it would be nice to compare Levenger paper in there, too. I have some, but nothing I've bought recently - anyone with a new punch want to show the new punch vs. pre-punched paper?

smurf shape change

I'm looking at the rather dramatic change in the shape of the mushroom cap and hoping this is not a precursor to Levenger changing the shape of their discs. I have both the desk and portable punches and that would really suck.

This should improve things

The extra room at the top of the "mushroom" should make page turning easier.
Cannot say for certain until I can lay hands on one for myself.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I wonder if a portable version will be out soon.

Now that I have seen this comparison, I am definitely interested, it does appear to have more space all around the hole, not just at the top.

I just wonder whether a portable version of the punch will come out soon, I am not ready to get a full sized punch without finding a reasonable way of getting rid of the old one I got.

old one is fine....

If you use a good weight paper with the old punch instead of the cheapest copy paper you can buy at Wal-Mart, the pages turn fine. I've used my old punch for a few years and have never had any problems.

It is the disks

What I have found, is that both card stock, laser paper, and cheap paper, all get caught to some degree in disks that are not 100% smooth. This appear to be the main issue, in my personal experience.

I have seen the difference different disks make. I even bought a small grinder tool to see if I could make time to smooth out each disk, since many have rough spots (never did). I believe the bigger hole punch would get around this problem.

About the paper quality, I tend to punch anything and everything I happen to write on, if I still need to keep it around for further planning or thinking, so a punch that can settle the issue of paper quality seems appealing to me.

Nail file


You don't need a grinder to take off the pointy bits. Just use a nail file. Even the stupid things you get attached to toenail clippers will do the job, I think, though I prefer the ones made for fingernails (manicure set type).


They sent me a replacement

They sent me a replacement punch. Free of charge, and as I am in Canada I don't have to send them the old punch back.

Guess what?

They sent me another punch with the baby-smurfs.

Ironically, there is a $15 coupon that I can apply towards the "New and improved design to make your paper even easier to turn around the discs" included in the box.

My email was VERY clear that the problem with the punch was around the size of the smurfs.

I am really annoyed now.

Contact them and make sure to voice your displeasure.

This site is full of Levenger and potential Levenger customer because we are readers and writers.

So it is up to the company to show that they care.

There is also another solution, you can sell both of your small smurfed punches on Ebay and buy a new big smurfed punch with the coupon.

I am sure you will have takers in Ebay canada because shipping from the U.S is always high.

Keep us posted!

I sent an email, and I also

I sent an email, and I also ended up giving them a call after about 36 hours. (I received an email response after about 40 hours, see below.)

On the phone, the person I spoke with was positive that the SKU code of the item was that of the new punch, but she did not argue with me and after checking with a supervisor (I assume) she came back and said that they would get the punch delivered to Customer Service, check it themselves to make sure it was the right punch, and then send it to me. As of a couple of hours ago the order is pending in my account, which is good. I do not have to send them the old punch back because I live in Canada and they don't have FedEx labels for folks North-of-the-Border. So we'll see in a few days, hopefully less than two weeks.

Then I received an email saying, basically, "Are you sure? Our computer says we sent you the right thing." So I went back home and punched and punched and punched with the "new" punch, and it did not yield any bigger smurfs than my old punch. Then my home Internet was down for three days and I was too lazy to take a picture of the two punches together (one is at my office, would have to cycle back home with it...) with their respective smurfs and send it back to the dis-believer. I'll just wait for the new punch, which seems like it's on its way.

For those who have received a new punch, do you notice any obviously new style in the box? I am pretty sure the box is the exact same as it was 3 years ago, but maybe they haven't updated their design for the new punch. The smurfs of the paper illustrated on the cover seem to be of the small variety, not the new and roomier ones. There is, however, a SKU sticker on it indicating the code of the new punch style. It is stuck on top of an old sticker though. Thoughts?

It looks like a mislabelled punch box.

If the punch dimensions are the same, the box might not have needed an design upgrade.
All the boxes needed to be upgraded for the new large smurf punch was a sticker with the new SKU on it.

Somebody might have re-labelled an old small smurfed punch box without checking the content.

I think taking a picture of both punches (they don't have to be in the same location) and taking a picture of the newly received punch, its box and a sample of the smurfs you punched with it,
should prove to Levenger that you, indeed, received the old punch.

Keep us posted on the progress of that problem.

I also understand their point of view.

Somebody could use the SKU of their big smurfed punch box then claim they got a small smurfed punch, while in fact they got the big smurfed one, and get, yet another, new big smurfed punch for free.
Then turn around and sell the free one with much profit online or even locally.

That would result in one less sale for Levenger which doesn't have the mean to track what happen with everything they sell.

Furthermore, people have the right to resell the organizing things that don't work for them, it happens all the time here.

Happy Ending.

Happy ending: The (second) replacement punch they sent me punches big smurfs. I am content.

The box, for reference, is the exact same one.

Thank you Levenger for fixing this.

Receipt of the new desktop punch

I received the new upgraded punch yesterday. It definitely has a larger smurf cutout and works just fine.

Levenger could not have been nicer on the phone when I called for a new replacement punch. There was no problem at all with them.

John B

Pictures of small and big Circa smurfs side by side ?

If you own both punches could you do that?

And could you share the difference in handling the paper, turning the pages...

Already done, above

See my comment, above. There's a link to a card I punched with my old punch before I sent it back, and my new punch. The text/arrows I added in Photoshop, though.

Thank you so much for the link to the picture.

I come here when my brain is already out, sorry for that. (Monday evening, no wonder)

The picture is great, I love the contrast paper under the white paper.

just ordered the new punch...

I went back and forth for a couple weeks between getting an older model for cheaper on ebay, or a new-style model from Levenger. Found a 20% off code, and weighed the options... it would cost about $10 more, using the discount, than buying on from ebay (including shipping). For $10 more, I get bigger smurfs and the option to return the punch if it breaks. Hope I made the right choice.

Is that code still good ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Worked yesterday (Friday)...

Worked yesterday (Friday)... GLBOCWEB.

Give it a try!


I will try it
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Unfortunately, did work today.

I am hoping that the rave reviews will negate excessive expense!

Weird, it wouldn't work for me

I tried two days ago. It's a good thing in a way because I would have spent way more then I should have.

Got the new Circa punch...

...and I have to say that for me, it does make a difference. My self-punched pages are much easier to turn, and seem to get less wear when I move/remove the pages. I am a happy camper (and my hubby thinks I've lost my mind).

Okay, I may be going

Okay, I may be going overboard, but the pages turn so much more easily with the new punch, that I actually re-punched pages I was already using. My notebook is much easier to flip back. I also noticed that the pre-punched Rollabind paper I had (found a pack at Goodwill, believe it or not) has the smaller Smurfs! So, I've repunched some of them, as well.