Flying with fountain pens

I travel and really would like to use my fountain pens while on travel. But I am concerned that the altitude will affect my pens and cause them to leak. So I haven't taken them. I have a Parker 51 Vacumatic and a Parker 51 Aeromatic (SP?).

Any suggestions?


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Fountain Pen Network

I believe you can find your answer there.

My answer (from personal experience) is to empty them before boarding and refill them at the other end. Use a pencil while in the air.
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Thanks ygor!

They had a string on it under the Parker section.

Appreciate it.

Or to FULLY refill it so

Or to FULLY refill it so that there is very little air in the reservoir ...

If u're using a pen with a piston filler or a piston converter and u don't have any ink, hold the pen up and expel all the air out of the reservoir.

With a little or no air in the reservoir, there is very little air for air expansion to occur.


People on FPN report good experience on planes with Parker 51

But... Your particular pen might be the exception go to Writing Instrument and post a new thread describing your pens and adding that you want to travel by air.

Now, I am not so much afraid of altitude than poor handling by the TSA.

I use a mechanical pencil and disposable ballpoints while on travel.

Less worries.

It's the pressure on the

It's the pressure on the rubber that is the threat. I tried keeping the pen upright to avoid leakage but that wasn't always possible. I now use ink catridges when I travel.