Levenger Discontinued PDA-Sized Circa Notebooks and Refill Cards

Man, am I bummed! I check Levenger's web site regularly to see what is on sale, as that is about the only way I could afford to buy their supplies anymore. Levenger has become very much more expensive in the last few years. I had Website Watcher configured to check the prices of refills for my Levenger products daily so I would get an email alert whenever something I use goes on sale - or actually anytime the price changes. But I started getting error messages from the watch I had on the Levenger PDA-size refill packs of cards. As you all probably know their "PDA" size is simply 3x5 index card size but lined vertically and pre-punched for Circa use at the top on the shorter side. When I checked their site to see why I was getting the error alerts I could no longer find any Circa PDA-size notebook covers or refill cards. I wrote to ask why and received a reply saying they no longer carry them.

This really sucks! I mean, after selling, oh, about a million or so of the PDA-size leather notebooks they just discontinue selling the refill cards? I didn't look any further but I am certain that they either have or will shortly come out with something to replace the PDA products. And it won't be compatible with any of the notebooks they sold previously of course.

I guess I can print my own cards but it won't be that easy to get the lines correct. Plus I'll have to punch the Circa holes myself - I have a Rollabind full-size punch and a Levenger PDA-size Circa punch but neither can punch many cards at one time. So the printing, cutting, and punching will be a major task and probably need to be done monthly. I already do that for any specialized sheets that I either got here at DIY Planner or customized from a DIY Planner template. I have the Dynamic Templates program but it isn't easy to make them on that; it can only make one 3x5 card at a time and I print them on Letter paper and guillotine-cut them. I have been trying to create a full letter-sized page full of cards that I can then cut up on the guillotine cutter but I Haven't had much success. All the programs I try it with seem to want to add borders or frames around the cards so I cannot fit them on a page correctly.

Does anyone know of another source for similar vertically-lined 3x5 cards in bulk? I used to buy a few packs at Levenger when they had sales - they used to sell packs of 300 that would sometimes be on sale for $19.99 or even $14.99, but that's all gone now.



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When passing through Staples

When passing through Staples I've seen 3x5 pads of vertically lined cards. They're a bit flimsy and are blank on the back. Still and all they work fine in the PDA and are a whole lot cheaper than anything Levenger ever had. Have to do your own punching of course


Chop down 5x8's

The best/cheapest source, with some selection, for vertically-lined 3x5 cards is to cut two out of a 5x8 card
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Replace ? Maybe not

I am certain that they either have or will shortly come out with something to replace the PDA products.

Yea. Just like the Compact.

:P Blaaah !

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I wonder why they keep discontinuing sizes

Seems like they are limiting their market. I love my compact notebooks and 3x5 foldover!

Levenger's has been doing this for years

I loved their old 'memo' size. discontinued.
They had a nifty smaller size for a while.. took 2x4 inch cards. They had a junior address book at the time that used the same size cards. You could put a few blank cards into the small notebook, and transfer them to the larger book, or extract a few cards you'd need on a trip. The blank cards fit into the address book quite well, if you needed to add more notes about a contact. When I needed refills - discontinued.
I bought a pricey journal cover... refills have been discontinued.

I love there stuff, and circa really has helped me get more organized than I have ever been, but it's frustrating having to deal with this kind of thing.

I really use my compact notebooks a lot, but thanks to the folks here, I learned about them being discontinued in time, so I have several years worth of refill pages.

Exacompta Index Cards 3.9X5.9"

Exacompta index cards utilize grids instead of lines.

They have very high quality paper, extremely smooth and a delight to write with.

I have used both sides with fountain pens without any problem, the ink never bleeds.

When I bought my first pack, it had 25 white with pale violet grid cards, they were expensive for my Junior High School student budget.

Now, Examcompta (typo because they are very popular among French students at exam time)only sell pack of 100 in five subtle pastel colors: green, blue, yellow and pink as well as white with the nice pale violet grid lines.

The colors are really subtle, I might have bought a pack long ago.

wetpaintart.com has the 3.9 X 5.9" cards
Reference #E10272
$8.00 for a pack of 100 cards

So there are 20 of each color, I think, green, blue, yellow, pink, white and the pink is really pale but you might buy 2 packs for $16 and resell a pack of 40 pink cards on the bazar.

Some retailers might give you a discount on bulk purchase.

According to Exacompta's catalog a case of that product is 10 packs of 100 cards and that is the minimum they sell to retailers.

If you have a small business you might try to get wholesale price by contacting Exaclair.com, Exacompta distributor in the U.S.

Hope it helps! I can't stand to see favorite products discontinued, especially when they are popular.

Reviewed here

Staples "M" brand index

Staples "M" brand index cards are vertically lined. I'm not sure if they still carry them, though.

You can always buy Levenger's non-Circa vertically lined 3x5 cards and punch them yourself. You get 500 for $28.00. That works out to $5.60/100 which is cheaper per card than the sale price of $19.99/300 for the Circa refills. Punching can be a pain, but I can do a pack of 100 cards in about 5 minutes. I use blank index cards in my PDA's.

Replacement 3 x 5 cards

Rollabind offers prepunched index cards which will fit Circa PDA. 50 cards for $2.50, on their web site www.rollabind.com

Wrong edge punched

The Rollabind cards are punched on the 5 inch side.
PDA's are usually punched on the 3 inch side.

The short, easy answer is: Punch your own.
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And That's Not All They Discontinued Apparently...

Doggone!! Not only have Levenger discontinued the PDA (3x5 vertical punched) Circa cards but also the regular "Wallet Cards", which were the business card-sized note cards. They do offer the "Personalized wallet cards" where they print your name across the top of the cards, but those are $30 for 250 cards, or $50 for 500. Used to be 300 ruled wallet cards were $18 for 300.

It was tough enough paying Levenger's inflated prices, but now I Can't even get refills for the stuff I did purchase! They have always been high but they had some great products. Last items I purchased there were the new Grid-It thingies - with multiple straps laced all over it to slip whatever you want under them. Thankfully no refills are required!



An alternate approach

Get a good punch and then just find your own papers.
For wallet cards, find a local print shop that does business cards and get blanks or design your own.
You can get 1000 for about the price Levenger wants for 250, and you are supporting local commerce.
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Thanks Ygor. I agree

Thanks Ygor.

I agree completely. The wallet cards will be easy. They aren't punched so I can probably purchase something similar outright. The 3x5 vertical cards will be a little more difficult though. E.g., I tried printing a lined 3x5 card using your Dynamic Template program. I printed the one card to PDF and then copied the card itself from there and pasted it 4 times into a Word document, hoping to print those and then use my guillotine cutter to cut them to size. However Word, along with other programs I tried pasting them into, insists on having a frame or border around the image of the card and that makes it impossible to fit 4 on a page. I'll figure something out for the 3x5 cards. Of course then I must punch them all by hand. I have a Levenger PDA-size punch but that can only punch a small amount at a time. I also have a full-size Rollabind punch but Rollabind's punches a smaller opening then Levenger and the cards don’t turn/flip right.

Thanks for the advice!


You want just lines on a 3x5 ?

You can do this:
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Wallet cards still available

I find them on the Levengers website, and was able to order them by phone yesterday. Mostly, I just cut up blank white cardstock (there is some waste, but I'm a crafter, so I usually find a use for it), so the box of 300 will be just about a lifetime supply for me.

Tried eBay?

Have you tried eBay? I get quite a bit of Levenger stuff there. And a lot of it is from Levenger directly. I know what you mean about Discontinued stuff. I've had this happen so much with them.

None on Ebay Lately

Yes, I did check on Ebay and unfortunately there are no PDA-sized cards or anything else related, and also no Wallet Card Writer supplies anymore.

Thank you for the suggestion.


Levenger has Circa PDA

Levenger has Circa PDA Translucent Notebook $6

Oxford At-Hand Note Card Case a replacement maybe?

Go to shoplet.com and they have

Oxford At-Hand Note Card Case Holds & Includes 25
3 x 5 Ruled Cards
Item # ESS63519

They have pictures too.