Good (free or very inexpensive) Note-taking Software

I just added to my digital collection by getting a Netbook that I bought mainly for working on my novels on the go or out and about.

I've got evernote installed right now, and I'm considering paying the five bucks to upgrade to the Pro (or whatever it's called) version of it. But before I do that, I'm curious about other (preferably non web-based)note-taking software on a par with evernote or Microsoft OneNote. I don't want any kind of scheduling or planning whatever, just something I can paste internet clips and pictures in and make lists with and type and organize notes, etc.

I love my OneNote 2003 on my regular laptop, but without a disc drive, I can't install it on my netbook.

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Try these links...
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)



No problem. Here's another to look at ...
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Firefox-Extension Scrapbook

is another way of collecting topics from the internet and taking notes. If you need to share the information on other computers, you could look at online-syncing tools like dropbox or spideroak.
tiddlywiki works good, too. I have it on an usb-stick for use with netbook (windows) and desktop (linux). It gives you also the possibility to use the gtd-method for general organisation.

I love this...

You can have levels of organization. Chapter, scene, etc. I really like it and having everything open and in view at the same time.

MS Office can be installed

MS Office can be installed on a netbook using a flash drive. Just copy the contents of the CD/DVD to the flash drive and run it from the netbook.

You can try the Office 2010 Beta.

You probably don't need the

You probably don't need the Pro version of Evernote if you're thinking you need extra storage. The free version gives you 40MB which is reset each month, so that effectively you have a total of 480MB space on Evernote for the whole year.

Nope - no pro

After looking at it further, I agree with that. I have no concept of how much information is in a megabyte, so I didn't realize how much 40 megs was until I stumbled upon the list that displays the number of each kind of file you can add to it. It's a miracle that I'm even using note-taking software. :^)


I spent a good bit of time last night doing some research and using evernote. I must say that I do like it very much. It's awfully handy. You can synch all your notes no matter how many computers you take notes on, so whatever I added on my netbook will show up on my work computer and laptop.

It's also very user friendly. So I'll recommend it. I looked at some of the others suggested and listed on ygor's links, but none could get any closer to what I want than the evernote.

I may try to install OneNote using a flash drive (which never occurred to me, so thank you)because I miss having the tabs and a slightly looser typing space. But for the time being, the evernote is accomplishing everything I need it to.

If you are looking for a

If you are looking for a free office type suite it may be worth looking into Lotus Symphony from IBM which provides document, spreadsheet, presentation and browser options that can all be opened in a tabbed window. Also worth a look is Jarte; I think they offer both free and paid for versions of their word processor which I also use. I sync my files using Dropbox which I have on 3 PC's and a Mac and it works well; it also has the advantage of allowing you to access your files via a browser if you are away from one of your PC's.

On the Mac I use Bean which is an excellent word processor; not available for PC at the moment but will be worth considering if it does.


Evernote in you phone

I just installed Evernote in my new Android-based phone, after using Evernote on my laptop (though web-only, as I have Linux). Gotta love it, especially the ability to take a photo and save it in Evernote directly. I think the very best thing about Evernote is in how many ways you can add notes - toolbar button in the web browser, email (which I often use when saving stuff from Google Reader), phone... And you can save both links and clips of web pages.

I have to admit that I haven't tried others, but on the other hand - my budget allows free programs only, and I haven't found all the features I want in any other program.

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try this...

Edit Pad lite is free to use, Edit Pad Pro costs.

Both have tabs at the top that can stay open as you work. Such as, chapter one, etc. or whatever you are working on. Notes for work, home, etc.

Thanks zippytex

My netbook and I thank you.

I've loaded Edit Pad lite and it's working well for me. I suspect I'll be using it for NaNoWriMo this year