MiquelRuis Notebooks at Target

I found MiquelRuis notebooks at Target.

There are two aisles of binders and planners and it is on the opposite side of the 365 Covey/Target planners.

They have 8 multicolor lined tabbed page junior notebook and 5 multicolor lined page junior and letter size notebook all with plastic cover and wire bound.

They also have the small cardboard Noted notebook in a pack of 2, I forgot to check if it was lined or square ruling.

They also have Jordi Labanda Lifestyles notebooks in letter size.

I felt the paper of all the wired notebooks and it is very smooth.

They do not have any notepads.

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Thanks for the updates! I

Thanks for the updates! I like their paper, good weight and texture. I have occasionally found MiquelRius as well as Jordi Labanda notebooks at Marshalls and T. J. Maxx.

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