My Weekly Review and Planning System

I had already posted my daily planner earlier and was hesitating to post my weekly planning system since it is rather detailed and time consuming. In any event, am posting it now in case it helps even one person other than me.
If you have a look at the flowchart which is attached first, it may aid in understanding the flow of the weekly review attachment.

Paper size: 
Letter and A4
Usage advice: 

The attachment itself contains the usage advice. I am posting two attachments, one with examples typed out for viewing, and the other is the same form without examples and ready for download if someone wishes. There is a bit of discrepancy between the two attachments as far as Table C is concerned, but that can be ignored since the blank form contains the final format.

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Microsoft Word
weekly with examples- for viewing.doc100 KB
weekly review for download.doc104 KB
gtdflowchart.doc47.5 KB
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Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for sharing these! :)

Thanks for sharing weekly process.

Thanks much for taking the time, debster!

My guess is that it might have helped you, too, to put it all out there in writing for us. (Unless you had previously laid it out for yourself.) Getting this detailed can be freeing later on.

Section B of your weekly form is a part that particularly attracts me. A 'middle ground' where you can play with proposed dates and add as many or few project steps as strikes you -- without feeling like your ruining your seperate project lists or needing to fill daily plan pages.

Also, a great idea to include the harddrive backup, software updates, etc. as a standing part of weekly planning.

Thanks again. -Dan
"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act,
but a habit." - Aristotle

Thanks Dan

Yeah it did help me in the process to lay it out all instead of remembering and doing it every week, this makes the weekly review faster too. Sorry that the shopping list is more geared up towards Indian condiments etc since am from India. However, that's why I have put everything in Word doc so that it can be customized as pleased by any user.


Do you have a daily one?

Do you have a daily one? Something that is like this but daily? by the way it is awesome!

Link to the 'daily one'

Chitra -
She shared her daily sheet a bit earlier in the Templates directory:

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act,
but a habit." - Aristotle