Levenger - NEW "Un-Tab Notebook"

Thought this was interesting....


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Kinda cool


I used to do that with my quarter-letter calendar. Dunno if I posted the version with the tabs, but I had tabs for the days of the week, I think it was. Just slice off the bits you don't need and away you go.

Of course, mine weren't perfed for easy removal, but there it is.

Voice of experience--you want this on thicker paper. If you end up keeping the book around a long time, you might want to reinforce the tabs with tape. And if the perfs make the tabs squared off, you might be annoyed by the pointy bits.

I would find that design more useful on a book with repositionable pages, personally. I'm not good at estimating how much space I need for a given divider. :)


Mighty smart idea!

Great for notebook users.