How can I alter laminated postcards for reuse??

I don't know where to post this, but thought I'd try the General Discussion section first.

About 3 years ago, I purchased some postcards for marketing - about 12,000 or more of them. Got a fantastic deal on the postcards and got both sides of the postcards laminated.

Then, less than 1 year after getting the postcards, I got a new website address, new phone number and other contact info. So the cards are outdated.

I solved the problem with the website address by keeping the Domain name and having it redirect to the new website URL in case someone manually types it in. BUT, there's still the phone number that's wrong (or at least the 3 prefix digits of the number) in large letters.

Even more of a problem is that the back side of the postcard has all outdated information and is virtually useless unless I somehow covered the entire backside of the postcards by gluing some sort of paper onto that whole side. But the problem with that is that it would be expensive and labor intensive with that many postcards.

I had the idea that I could turn the postcards into bookmarks by scoring and folding the postcards in half and gluing the backside halfs together so that the entire backside would not show.

If I turned the postcards into bookmarks, I would still be left with the problem of having 3 digits of the phone number wrong. So, I thought of either putting a tiny sticker over it with the right phone number or placing a sticker over the entire phone number so it looks better/more even.

I thought I'd like to add some additional information to the cards by punching out a 800 number or my photo gallery web address out of the postcards. I have no idea how to go about this.

Any ideas or resources on how to go about punching out an evenly placed phone number, web URL or other information out of HEAVY laminated card stock??

I hope I'm making sense! I stumbled across this site so thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas! If anyone has any ideas, post here. Thank you!

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No easy choice

You could:

  1. Trash them and start over
  2. Cover the changed info with stickers
  3. Recycle them (the bookmark idea)

None of them would be both easy and inexpensive.

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