Great article about Procedure Checklists on Lifehacker

There's a great article about using Procedure Checklists on Lifehacker today:

A couple years back I created lists to use at the office for all the recurring tasks I was responsible for. Physically it's two master lists: one for tasks that repeat daily/weekly, the other for tasks with monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual repeats. And then each task that involves more than, say, three steps has its own sublist.

I had long had recurring anxiety that I might fail to do something important purely by forgetting it completely (You know, waking up in a cold sweat from a dream that you somehow 'forgot' to submit quarterly tax reports? Yeah.) or have skipped over an important step (OMG, I didn't order more envelopes and we're completely out!)

The sublist breaks 'complex' tasks down to the component parts. For example, the Monthly master list has "inventory drug cabinets" as a quarterly task. The "Inventory drug cabinets" list lays out the steps involved. As in, 1: One shelf at a time: remove all packages from shelf, clean shelf, check for passed expiration date, record date/quantities of drugs to be destroyed, count & replace on shelf remaining drugs. 2: Destroy culled drugs. 3: Update inventory sheets in computer. 4: Print three copies. 5: File one copy in Drug Log folder. 6: Post one copy inside each drug cabinet.

Now I read over the "Daily" list for each day first and last thing of the work day, and the "Monthly" list at the start and end of each week -- and I *never* have those panic attacks any more. :)

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Love the idea!

I think I am going to start making lists.

That site was down for a day and now it is back up with the most unintuitive layout imaginable.

There are no chronological or thematic links but a bunch of little tags on the upper left.

Needless to say that page looks like a haystack and I am not in the habit of wasting time to find out if there is a golden needle in it.

Only a couple of Lifehacker contributors have genuine good ideas and helpful tips, others are fillers who clutter the page with mostly useless trivia or impractical "practical tips".

Very annoying.