Paper Snob

Ok, I admit it! I'm turning into a paper snob. Prior to visiting this site, I'd use any ol' pad of paper, spiral bound notebook, etc. But now everything has changed. If the paper isn't fountain pen friendly, I don't give it a second look.

My current economical favorites include:
- Tops Docket Gold legal pads
- Tops notebooks
- Cambridge legal pads

And let's not forget Moleskine notebooks on the not-so-economical scale.

I'm afraid to try Rhodia & Clairfontaine paper. I know I'll get hooked.

The fountain pen certainly has something to do with this snobbery.


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It is not snobery but common sense

Writing a lot is much more comfortable with a fountain pen, bad paper makes fountain pens feather, really bad paper can clog the nib slit.

Clairefontaine and Rhodia are the best paper for use with medium and bold nibs, they just glide.

I was thinking of using fountain pen friendly printer paper and make lines to my liking but I found out on this forum how expensive it is to have printer paper pre-printed at the copy shop or print it at home on an ink jet printer.

A4/letter size wire bound Rhodia pads are only $6 each.

I know that the staple bound notepads are cheaper because they are available in a lot of places including Target.

I also postponed purchasing Rhodia for many years but their quality and the fact that they are produced in a sustainable way has definitely put them on my list.

I still have a little stack of recycled Ampad notepads and I have to finish them before I buy more. I really really really do not like to waste paper.

Right now, I am into note taking with pencil so the variation in quality notepad is kind of moot and the stack is dwindling down.

I agree, not snobbery

You are like us, I love to use my fountain pens. I also like using gridded paper for notes, brainstorming, etc. and right now I am working my way through various brands to find a grid (or quad) paper that doesn't feather.

The paper I got from Office Depot for my daily, monthly planner pages is a heavier, better paper, and it doesn't feather, so I cracked that code.

Just have to keep looking. Don't give up!


Cambridge makes the grid (or quad) paper you seek. I have a legal pad which I cut in half, and circa punch for my junior circa. No feathering, or bleed-through. It's very nice.

I just located a store a half mile from my office that carries Rhodia paper. One pad shouldn't hurt anything....


Good sense, not snobbery

Hi Roberto I for one take pride in my handwriting and to have to write with an inferior pen (gag me) or paper makes for an annoying experience. I'm with you, please give me nice paper.