Planning the Planner

I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts to share about what their ideal planner would contain in terms of categories. I use a Cambridge leather folio which I have customized by replacing the notebook sticking out from the rightside pocket with a pressboard plastic file (with the cover hacked off) so that I can put in my diy planner sheets on top of the pocket under the press and quickly change around papers. (We do not get Levenger Circa in India hence this convoluted mechanism, otherwise I would have loved to use that):

Inbox sheets (diff colors categorized by Work, Home/ Family, Errands, Someday) (in a slot)
Monthly calendar (in a pocket under the slot)
Index cards (in index card/ post-it dispenser)

Daily sheet (for the current day after filling in)
Weekly goals (filled in and categorized after following weekly review process)
List of active projects
Goals - monthly
------------------------------------------------------------[ separator]
Goals- Vision statement
Goals- For every three months
------------------------------------------------------------[ separator]
Weekly review procedure checklist
Contact log
Docket- [sometimes]
Monthly Habit tracker from diyplanner
Weekly menu (though it usually goes on to my fridge after filling in)
Weekly expense tracker
Shopping checklist
------------------------------------------------------------[ separator]
Imp. Personal information
On loan to
Internet passwords list
Wishlist (for vacations/ shopping/ anything for enjoyment)
------------------------------------------------------------[ separator]
Reference sheet for GTD
Reference sheet for time management
Reference sheet for budget management & investments
Reference sheet for managerial skills
Reference sheet for legal strategy/drafting/research (this is because am in law)
Reference sheet for memory & concentration
Reference sheet for creativity hacks
Reference sheet for problem solving strategies/ motivation & discipline

Any thoughts if the above sounds efficient? It would be great if any of you wanted to share your own planner system.

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It looks really efficient

The system can be visualized easily, I like it a lot.

But I could not visualize the physical setup until I googled file folders suppliers in India.

In the U.S and Europe poly files are either thick plastic accordion files or plain poly files with no dividers, they are too wide to fit inside a Cambridge folio.

In the U.S, some polypropylene files have build in plastic divider.

In Europe, Exacompta polypropylene files have no plastic dividers except in their Exactive line.

But in India, there is a supplier of thin polypropylene files which sells pressboard divider.

It is really a great setup!

thanks anne -sophie... have

thanks anne -sophie... have checked out the website and will order once this one starts wearing out...


Sounds like a very useful setup

I would love to see your reference sheets - they sound like they would be very useful (except the law specific one, of course).

thanks. the reference sheets

thanks. the reference sheets are very very personal and the result of many self help books and some personal experience in implementing the same, so will try and put them up if am feeling up to it and it does not end up violating any copyrights.