Suggestions to read faster?

My reading is backing way up and I am hoping members will have suggestions based on experience on how to learn to read much, much faster.
(My book buying hasn't slowed and seems to continue to increase at an increasing rate.)
Thanks in advance,

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What kind of books are you reading fiction or non-fiction?

I have always been a fast reader, the trick is to read when you can concentrate.

If you commute by train or bus, use your iPod and start reading, if you get so absorbed that you might miss your stop, set up an alarm at the stop just before yours.

Read in bed, until you fall asleep, get a small but bright lamp that can be turned off from your bed.
Before going to bed, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and have some cookies.

Read during lunch, find an isolated table and read.

One of the best way to read faster is to turn off or go without TV entirely.

A great trick is to keep a reading list or journal and give yourself a goal of x number of books per week or month.

I think you can do the reading list online as well as give ratings and reviews of the books but I think it is more fun with a notebook, notepad or in a section of your personal organizer or jotted in a Circa reading journal...

Lately, I have been concentrating on non-fiction and it takes longer to grasp concepts than drama filled fiction.

I may get back to a chapter multiple times and read the book at least twice to make sure I get what it says.

I try not to start a book

I try not to start a book until I have at least 45 minutes to read in, it takes me awhile to get the voice and find out if I want to continue.

I have 3 or 4 going at any given time. At work, during lunch, I'm either reading Hell to Pay (about the planned invasion of Japan in WWII) or Time Ships (science fiction). At home, I'm reading a religious work, a 4-volume history of the American Civil War, and a Louis Lamour novel.

I keep a pad of paper and pencil nearby to jot down thoughts, notes, facts, etc. Just having it there serves as a reminder and encouragement to pay attention. When I fill up a page, I put it in a Circa binder so all the pages relating to a book can be kept together.