Found New Pocket Pen - The Inka Pen

I just found this nice new pen called the Inka Pen. Seems better then the Fisher Space Pen from what I read. As this thing is nicely made and has a key chain loop.

I wrote up a full description on my my site of the various info I found.


I am looking for some practical use of this. Has anyone used one of these? - I am thinking about getting one. Sure sounds great from the reviews but would like some other reports.


Alan -

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I got one of these Inka Pens

I got one of these Inka Pens last year as a gift. It is incredible: well made and very handy. I keep it on my keychain and use it all the time. I saw on the Inka website ( that they have a titanium version also. I'll be buying one of those pens too.