Review: Contact Keeper

First of all, I owe Contact Keeper (Matt) a big apology for my procrastination. I should have finished this weeks ago. Mea culpa. Second of all, I owe Matt a big "Thank You" for sending me these samples. They are way more than what I asked for, but they permit me to make a very thorough review. Thanks, Matt.

First Impressions: The products appear well made and durable. I like the style and design of the covers and the pages.

Starting small and working my way up:

First, the Small Contact Keeper, a very nicely made card holder with a pad of card-sized sticky notes inside of it

You take a sticky-note, attach it to the business card, make some notes on it, and then tuck it into one of the two pockets.
It has an elastic band to hold everything together and is nicely pocket sized.

The Medium and Large Contact Keepers have calendar, planner, and note pages and envelope "pages" for receipts and other such administrative detritus that must be dealt with. These are very nicely done, but should be nothing new to the folks of DIY-Planner.

I am going to concentrate on the feature I believe is unique and very useful to a person that has to deal with lots of people as part of their daily work. That feature is the card and contact pages.

All of the card/contact pages in the Medium and Large Contact Keepers are made of heavy text/light card stock. The planner, calendar, and note pages feel like 24 pound text. A bit heavier than common paper. Very nice stuff.

Next, the middle size:

The Medium Contact Keeper, is a two ring binder, a bit smaller than "Classic" size
The front cover has two business card size pockets and the rear cover has one large pocket.
Inside, there is an elastic pen loop that will handle big pens - like this Sharpie, and an elastic "bookmark" to hold the left hand pages in place
The pages have a card holder cutout at either the top or bottom of the page. This nicely distributes the added thickness of the cards.
There are extra tabbed pages that each hold three cards.
The page size is non-standard, so the DIY-er would have to chop to size. An adjustable hole punch will handle the necessary two holes.

And then the large size:

The Large Contact Keeper, is a letter size three ring binder
The front cover has one business card size pocket and a larger pocket, the rear cover has one large pocket.
Inside the front cover is a big elastic pen and an elastic "bookmark" to hold the left hand pages in place. Inside the back cover is a clipboard clip for holding loose pages
The pages have card holder cutouts top or bottom like the Medium
and the tabbed pages hold 4 cards each
The pages appear to be letter size and the rings appear to be standard three-hole binder spacing. This would make adding your own content easier..

I think the card/contact pages are a fantastic idea for people who work in the sort of job that depends on reliable and detailed contact information.

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I need to bump this to the top.
I made a rough outline a week ago, and that is the created-on date it appears with
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Where Do You Get this Stuff?

Hello Ygor! I have been to the Levenger website, and they don't have these things. Could you provide links? Cordially, Steve

You get it here...
not at Levenger's

Silly me. I shoulda included the link.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Based on the thread about non-standard hole-punch spacing...

what is the spacing on the medium size's holes? Is it the "standard" spacing for a 3 hole punch from the US (108mm apart), a 2 hole punch (for filing -- 70mm apart), or the ISO 838 standard 80mm?

This might make it easier for DIY'ers to buy the contact pages to add to their existing systems. I might consider doing that.

Or, are unpunched pages available for circa-fying?

(Good review and great pictures, by the way.)