Ohto Tasche Issues?

Hey all,

I haven't posted in quite some time, but I do lurk and send wayward souls here once in a while.

I have a question for anyone that has used an Ohto Tasche pen.

I purchased one from Jetpens a couple weeks ago. I tried writing with it, but the flow was really light and did not keep up with my writing speed. I had lots of skips.

When I inquired with Jetpens, the simply sent me out a new pen. Very kind of them ... my trouble is, I'm getting the same issue with the new pen as I did with the previous one.

So now I'm embarassed and thinking I might've done something wrong (but how do you eff up a fountain pen like this? Put in cartidge and write, right?).

All of the reviews I've read talk about how smooth and nice the ink flows from these pens, but I'm just not seeing it.

Any suggestions? I hate to go back to Jetpens again - I just don't know what to do. I'm thinking about sending both pens back and seeing if they can replicate the issues. Could it just be a bad batch of nibs or something?

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Could be the ink

What kind are you using ?

I have one and it gets a bit temperamental when I do not use it for a few days, but otherwise I love it.
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Pelikan and Ohto Inks & Problem Solved

I used Pelikan in one pen and the OEM Ohto ink that came with the other.

I cross posted got some help from the lovely people at Fountain Pen Network.

It was just a case of the tines on the nib being too close together. I followed their advice, opened the tines a teensy bit, and now the ink flows as smoothly as I'd been expecting from the start.

I love them now and one's on its way to my wallet for its original intended purpose of being my on-the-go ubiquitous capture pen. YEA FPN!

And how did I get through over 25 years as a fountain pen lover without learning the basics of flossing, etc. It's opened a whole new avenue of geekery for me.

Now I just need to send a check to Jetpens - I don't feel right about having two completely useful pens, one at their expense, when all it took was a little time to educate myself.

Especially since it gave me an excuse to get reaquainted with DIY Planner.