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Does anyone have any clue where I can get custom (non-standard) sized binders manufactured? I am looking for either 3 or 7 ring, or rollabind covers in faux leather made to my specifications. I cannot seem to locate anyone capable of doing this. I have contacted rollabind directly as well as companies in China, Israel and the US all to no avail. If anyone has any resources I would love to hear about them.

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I think your best bet is Etsy and bookbinders

Etsy faux leather fabric[0]=supplies&filter[1]=fabric

Etsy faux leather crafters (some do custom orders)

To get the binder rings remove them from a cheap binder or google for a manufacturers in the U.S or in Europe.

Another source mightbe scrapbook binders manufacturers or the scrapbook area of dollar stores, Target and craft stores.

You might also google binders for stamps, postcard, sport cards, vinyl records, vintage ads.

The rings spacing might more be suitable for you needs.

It seems to me that the Circa cover is just a slip on for the plastic covers.

Don't forget to check Freecycle, Craigslist and Ebay for faux leather notepad covers.

Check the same sites for faux leather fabric, bulk sale of stationery items.

Craiglist might also have a list of local book binders, leather/faux leather artists looking for work in your area.

I hope it helps and keep us posted.

renaissance art

Don't forget to google/check out