circa/rollabind help

I purchased a rollabind notebook at stapels so i could try the system. LOVE IT!! I purchased a few items from levenger as well. Now here is my problem... When i try to put the rollabind paper on the circa disc everything wants to stick and i can't flip through pages easily. When i put the levenger paper on rollabind disc everything works great. I thought it was supposed to be interchangable. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Technically yes, but...

...I have found the circa pre-punched paper to have slightly bigger "smurfs" or "mushrooms" than rollabind pre-punched paper. I recently bought one of the new Circa desk punches, which makes the larger smurfs, and I've actually been re-punched some of my rollabind paper, for this very reason. Not sure why they are different, as rollabind licensed the design to circa.


Rollabind use to manufacture, then license the Circa System. They are no longer associated.

Best bet, save $$$, just use Rollabind. Shop at the web site use the Promo Code Welcome and save 20% off your order.

This is the third posting of this promo code

Do you work for Rollabind ?
If so, please admit it.
Astroturfing is seriously frowned upon here.

Besides, you have it backwards. Levenger licensed from Rollabind until they both violated the agreement.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Plain English

The only thing Astroturf is good for is practice putting greens.

One sure sign of intelligence is relating experiences based on first hand knowledge, not the recollections of others.

If I was any plainer, I would be cursing

From the link: Astroturfing denotes political, advertising, or public relations campaigns that are formally planned by an organization, but are disguised as spontaneous, popular "grassroots" behavior.

Simple English:
You work for Rollabind.
You come onto this web site posting positive reviews and recommendations.
You do not announce, up front, that you work for the company you praise.

That practice is considered false advertising.

I believe it to be dishonest.

In my eyes, your credibility is seriously hurting.

You want first hand knowledge ?

OK. I have had multiple, frustrating experiences trying to purchase Rollabind products from local and online merchants only to be told that the items I want are out of stock and/or backordered. I have seen merchant after merchant drop the product line because they cannot get it to sell it.

What reassurance can you offer that the experience will not repeat ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I like Rollabind products

I have had good luck with Rollabind products. I ordered a variety of disks and they came quickly. My daughter has used a lot of them to bind flashcards, class notes, etc. as I got a variety of colors and she color-coded by class. I purchased a lot of fabric covered notebooks at Staples and like them and the disks work fine, both silver and black - they see regular use (a couple of times a week) at the office. I used them to hold manuals that I update regularly and people refer to often. And I purchased a bright pink bookcloth covered Rollabind junior-sized notebook on sale at Franklin Covey and it is now my main notebook I use every day - it holds my DIY calendar (printed from Outlook), various pages (printed from this site), a couple of plastic sleeves for collecting receipts and paper scraps (from FC), and it has some slots on the back cover for holding business cards. I get a lot of comments on it about how pretty the color is. The quality is fine - I've had it for over a year and still no damage, tears, or obvious wear in the cover. I have Levenger plastic covers but don't use them much as I like the spiffier look of the Rollabind bookcloth covers and Levenger is just too expensive for bookcloth products even with coupons and discounts. I have purchased much Circa stuff but just haven't seen that much difference for my uses between Rollabind and Circa. I do not work for Rollabind nor do I have any affiliation with them; I'm an archaeologist and not in retail or manufacturing.

It's not saving money if

It's not saving money if your credit card is charged and your items are never delivered. In fact, I think that would be the exact opposite of saving money, Alan S. I notice that you have popped up conveniently to promote your Rolla coupon code in a few threads, but you've avoided the discussions about lack of response and customer service from that same Rollabind website. Seems suspicious to me.

It's not saving money if your credit card is charged and your it

I had this discussion off line with Dan White. Yes I am a part time consultant for Rollabind. Where on this site does it ask where someone works? I read your profile and it doesn't say where you work?

Are you speaking of your own personal experiences are you just repeating other peoples' tales of woe?

Have you ever tried the product? If you would like to write to [admin edit: no open emails, please. It attracts SPAMMERS] and I will arrange to send you a free notebook. Provide me with your postal address and I will send you a notebook and you can see for yourself the high quality we provide.

For every complaint here I there are over 4,000 loyal Rollabind customers. Would you like to see their emails praising?

Major corporations including Colgate custome order from Rollabind.

My endorsements are not suspicious but based on my actual use of the product. I would not post and write about something I don't believe.

I worked for Revlon and they had over 800 SKUs in their cosmetic line, on a daily basis with a .005 percent mistake in filling orders how many shipping problems do you think they had? Thousands. The point is Rollabind addresses each one personally.

For you to trash Rollabind without perhaps having used the product is unprofessional. Do you understand the complexities of a pick and pack operation where each product is custom manufactured?

Please note Rollabind does not sell directly to Target so any product they purchased was diverted and Rollabind had no control over. Staples had a program in 50 stores with Rollabind and again Rollabind does not control where and what Staples stocks in its' stores.

Rollabind used to license its' products to Levenger's, Staples and other companies but currently does not.

I think having an open mind and not jumping to conclusions based a tiny percentage of dissatisfied customers is really a sign of professionalism. Anyone who directly contacts Rollabind with a complaint is satisfied and generally receives bonus product at no charge.

Just like to know

I think we all try to have an open mind. But we also like to know the truth. Just as the negative experiences of some people here will color their opinion of Rollabind, your work experience colors yours.


Respectively I disagree. My work experience ie my paycheck, does not color my experience. I do a lot of social media work and there are certain comments, tweets I refuse because I feel they are wrong.

And an open mind is one that assesses things based on facts, not here-say.

In fact one person refused to try at no cost a notebook, that is not an open mind. I was taught to forgive and believe in second chances. Ask Calvin & Hobbes what they think of that.

trust and integrity

Alan, I looked at your previous posts. You are not new to this forum, you've posted in a few of the other Rolla threads within the last few months without being upfront that you were an employee, making comments about distribution in China and whatnot. Surely you can understand why some of us here would see that as a bit shady? It's not about whether or not the registration process here asks for your work info, it's about integrity and disclosure. Why didn't you just admit it from the beginning, as other relevant salespeople who visit this site have done in the past?

If you click on my user name and look at my previous posts, you'll see that I went out of my way to make a trip to a particular Staples in So Cal to not only PURCHASE Rollabind products, but to also PHOTOGRAPH the display so I could share it with the other members of this forum. Yes, I use a few Rollabind products mixed in with my Circa products, the ones I've been lucky enough to find at Staples.

Did you read the previous discussions on this forum from the people who have dealt directly with Rollabind customer service? It doesn't matter if its a tiny percentage (and we really have no idea what that percentage is), the negative experiences here have been a deterrent and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. I am extremely picky and impatient about customer service now, in this economy it should be increasing tenfold not falling by the wayside. Any company who lets ONE customer fall through the cracks has failed in my opinion. Yes, its possible that all of the complaints posted here have been resolved and the people involved have failed to come back and post an update. It's also possible that Rollabind has turned over a new leaf and is really taking care of business, only time will tell.

As much as I love free stuff (and free office supplies even more), I just don't trust you enough to give you my full name and mailing info at this time, but maybe I'll plunk down another $5 or $10 dollars on something next time I'm at Staples. I do like the stuff, even if the Junior page size is not standard to the rest of the day planner world.

Here's a link

to Diamond66's post with the picture links:
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Trust & Integrity

I appreciate and respect your commentary. Please note that I played by the rules. When asked where I worked I answered. You also touch on a point which I believe addresses your concern. I don't lie when I post. I would never post a falsehood for a client or employer unless I was paid enough never to have to do it again!

I use Rollabind products, never did before I took this assignment. I always used legals pads and my computer. I like the leather portfolio since it looks great, upgrades my image and it's really easy to insert new pages. Switching out from legal pads has been a plus. Would I spend $59.95 for one, probably not, but I would spend $19.95 for a faux leather one, (which is made from Vinyl) and looks really great too!

Yes I know all the horror stories about customer service and I am sure the majority are true. The biggest problem was people would order out of stock items and it took weeks to fill the back orders, rather then cancel the order.

I agree with you about customer service and how I see most companies failing at it. I also know companies are coping with reduced budgets and trying to do more with less. It is often times short sighted. Rollabind recognized its short coming and reorganized it's customer service. While there are still delays as products go out of stock, all customer complaints are attended too. Many receive free gifts when the company was at fault or the delay was too long.

What I don't understand is what you would think I would do with your full name and mailing address. It's a matter of public record and having worked with data I can tell you it's easily accessible.

If you change your mind or anyone else would like a free notebook contact Rollabind customer service, [admin edit: please stop posting e-mail addresses], tell them you saw this offer on DIY and we will send you a free notebook. Just don't expect a leather portfolio.

One last kernel to throw out there, not all comments posted are accurate. While I am sure the vast majority of comments are more accurate then the entertainment that Fox News says is NEWS, there are some who get "romantic" on their postings!

Enjoy your weekend!

Among the majority of posters on this board...

...the consensus seems to be to avoid Rollabind like the plague.

That's not totally correct (for me, anyway)

The problem, as I see it, is with the company as opposed to the product.

I like the product. I use the product. I was lucky enough to get a punch and enough discs to keep me happy for a while. I dread when I will have to order anything from them next.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

the consensus

That is not a consensus, that is the opinion of a few disgruntled people. I have a consensus over over 4,000 customers who would disagree with you and vote with their credit cards daily. Not to mention the buyer at Staples or the folks at Levenger's who used Rollabind for their production of Circa notebooks.

Again if you would like to try a notebook for free, contact Rollabind and tell them Scott sent you and you are from DIY Planner. We have already receive and are filling out firs DIY request!

And please explain to me the basis for the books recommended on the left margin here? It links to Amazon, does the consensus read them and the select what book to recommend? Or perhaps it's just an Amazon ad disguised as a recommendation.

left margin - they are recommendations...

... by members of the forum.
Got something you want to recommend ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I Ordered One

The exchange between ygor and Scott has been quite entertaining, but now I've grown weary of it. Guys, come one, please give it a rest.

Today I ordered my free notebook from Rollabind. Thank you for the kind offer, Scott. I received an email back from a person named "Judi" that promised to mail out my notebook on Monday. By this time next week I hope to be enjoying my new Rollabind notebook. Free is good.


I too was interested in the

I too was interested in the participation of someone who works for the manufacturer of one of our favorite products, but the continual barbs are getting tiresome.
If anything, that may color my perception of the free notebook offer.

It colored mine

I've watched Scott/Alan go after ygor for some reason in two different threads. He seems really upset about ygor's Calvin and Hobbes signature for some reason. The offer is tempting but he's not a very good representative of Rollabind with this behavior.

I agree

I don't think I've ever seen someone who is a representative of a company be so meanspirited--even to go after ygor's signature. Wow.

I've purchased Rollabind products at Staples in the past, primarily because they were cheaper than the Circa ones, and I didn't have to pay Levenger's shipping charges. But, with Rollabind's past history with its customers, and with this guy's attitude, I won't be giving any more money to that company. This guy really disgraced himself, as far as I'm concerned, and he really changed the tone of the site for the last couple of days.

I agree. The issues that

I agree. The issues that people had with Rollabind were related to customer service. The irony.

A professional would have introduced himself as a representative of Rollabind. A professional would have acknowledged past issues the company has had and how they are being addressed.

Instead, we get

I have found their quality to be excellent and the price about half of what you would pay from Levenger for their Circa planners.

Since Rollabind makes a great punch and provides a fantastic value on punches I was told by their customer service demand had exceeded the supply. They have caught up and I recently received mine. It was worth waiting for.

I am getting great value and savings since their entire product line can be used with Circa notebooks and they offer products such as unruled paper that are no longer offered by Circa.

My experience with Rollabind was different. There was one item that was back ordered and when I called to find out when it would be shipped they apologized and provided me with a free notebook. They mentioned they had shipment delays from their production site in China.

I love their products.

and no mention that Alan S works for Rollabind. Not cool.

Alan S posts

Originally they were identical but to conform with legal requirement and produce their own line Circa had to manufacture products that were not identical to Rollabind's.

Rollabind use to manufacture, then license the Circa System. They are no longer associated.

Most people here know that Rollabind no longer licenses anything because the patent they held was ruled invalid after they were sued by Levenger. Trying to pretend otherwise is bad form.

For someone who does social media work, Alan S has a lot to learn...

If you want to know how to do things the right way, get in touch with Karen Doherty of Exaclair. Or check out Stephanie Smith (aka Biffybeans) over at the Fountain Pen Network and how she promotes Rhodia products. You could even search for some of the posts on D.I.Y Planner made by Ryan Rasmussen. He used to work for Levenger.

Alan S, stop spamming old posts with promo codes. Start a new thread, introduce yourself, tell everyone what Rollabind has to offer, where to order, and what codes to use for a nice discount.

To quote Wil Wheaton, "Don't be a d***!" (Especially when you are representing a company that wants to sell product)

Wow, I did not notice those

Wow, I did not notice those before. It does seem like astroturfing, plus bad behavior after getting caught. I have been thinking I need a few covers and sheet protectors, but now I am kind of nervous about trying

fair play

what does this mean - >:D ?

sorry you won't try the notebook. have a great weekend.

Arrived Today

The free Rollabind notebook I ordered via Alan/Scott's offer arrived today. I ordered it Friday, received a confirmation email that same day with their promise to mail it out on Monday. I got it today (Thursday). Not bad.

I like the quality of the paper in the notebook (letter sized), but the cover and pages do not turn easily. The cap of the "smurf" is a bit too snug against the disks for my liking.

But free is free. I will happily use this notebook. Thank you Rollabind.



If you have one of the newer Circa desk punches, you can re-punch the paper to make the smurfs bigger. I have actually done this with some Rollabind paper I had.

Scrapping It For Parts

After considering how this letter size notebook will fit into my classic size system, I've decided to scrap the notebook for parts.

The paper is going under the guillotine to be chopped to 8.5 x 5.5 size. The disks will be stored for future use. The plastic covers may serve a purpose later on as well.


Well I for one can't stand Rollabind

I HAVE tried Rollabind and can't stand it. I rushed to Target all excitedly last year to buy some Rollabind notebooks after reading on here that Staples carried Rollabind items. I was aghast to find the stitching was terrible, all bunched up and horrible. On some of the notebooks the stitching missed the vinyl all together showing the cardboard beneath. I left the store empty handed as I could spent a little more at Levenger and get a WAY better product. Then I went to Marcus's paper when I was visting my inlaws in Dayton and bought a bunch of discs. Many of the discs had huge plastics nubs on them that I had to cut off of each disc so my paper could turn without snaggin my paper. I gave Rollabind one more chance by buying from Franklin Covey. I got the plastic covers and was sad to find they weren't cut neatly and looked very sloppy plus the discs that came with the covers were even worse then the ones I got at Marcus paper. Now I shop almost exclusively on Levengers ebay outlet or on their sale page. I can get MUCH better items for almost the same price and sometimes even cheaper then the sloppy Rollabind items. Now you can sit here and say our negative opinions are just a few out of tons of happy people but if you browse through this website which attracts many planner, journal, paper loving people you will find MANY complaints. Rather then getting all rude about these opinions why don't you learn from these comments and work towards bettering your products and your online customer service. I like that Rollabind offers more plastic cover colors and such a wide variety of disc colors but I just don't trust buying from a company that has shown poor quality again and again. Rollabind needs to roll up their socks. I tell you if they started popping out better products and honoring ALL their orders I would be buying exclusively from them because I prefer more color variety but thus far that hasn't happened.

C'mon, don't hold back

Tell us how you REALLY feel about it !


"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***


Sorry, the attack stance this employee took just made my blood pressure go a little too high. He kind of acted like diy planner members opinions don't matter since some of us are not part of the 4000 good opinions he has. So I thought it was important to put my opinion out there too because I've experience what so many other people on here have.

You always make me laugh Ygor!

translation request

what does >:D this mean?

devilish smiley

Hi Alan S.

You might want to look up one of the smiley references out on the internet if you don't know what they are.

But the > is eyebrows, the : are eyes, and the D is a big smile. Tilt your head to the left to see it. Assuming for a moment you are reading this stuff with your eyes rather than a device that reads-out-loud to you.


That was uneccesary

As a mother of a 3 year old with cerebral palsy, I found this to be the single most distasteful comment in the whole Rollabind "discussion". My son uses a communication device to speak, "a device that speaks out loud" for him as his profound physical disabilities rib him of his own voice.

Talk about opening your mouth before putting your brain in gear - really.

Look before you leap

A smiley cannot be read correctly by "a device that speaks out loud". She made a simple clarification of fact, not an insensitive remark nor an insult.

Oops, I wrote target but meant Staples

Oops just realized I wrote Target in my review but I meant Staples. My Target does not carry Rollabind.

Wow, I bought discs directly

Wow, I bought discs directly from Rollabind after finding notebooks on clearance at Target a few years ago. Then I bought stuff at Staples last year and everything was fine with the discs and the binders.

I mix with Circa with no problems too. I bought a Circa portable punch and the Staples Rollabind desk punch and use them all together with no issues.

I do recall when I ordered from I didn't have any communication from them after the order, but since the site seemed kind of out of date, I figured they are a small company that doesn't get how important it is to keep the web site up to date and communicate with customers.

Seems like they are working on that?

Rollabind transformation

We are working on it and thank you for noticing.

Rollabind is attempting to reinvent itself from a manufacturer, whose products were sold by other organizations, (Leeds, Staples, Target, & Levenger's) to a direct to consumer e-commerce. Unfortunately there have been missteps. Forecasting inventory has been a source of trial & error. Unlike manufacturing for a major retail outlet it's hard to keep product in stock with a delivery pipeline that stretches to China. Forecasting consumer demand for a web site is also a new process which we are trying to get better at.

Next month we hope introduce a new updated web site, with features & products never before available in the disc binding category.

And yes the change needed in corporate culture from serving retail organizations to communicating with thousands of inbound calls and customers is also a learning process.

The goal is to keep getting better and and get the word out.


Reading the comments and responses by Alan S, it seems he's doing more damage than helping Rollabind. You could have made a genuine attempt to resolve some perceptions about Rollabind, but have only added to the bad views by your actions and comments. Ygor is a respected contributor to this web site and to attack him the way you have doesn't shine a good light on you. Not to mention a snide comment about Fox News of all things, regardless of ones political views, this came out of left field. A mea culpa would have reversed a lot.

I think you really blew a good opportunity here, because this group is welcoming to honest opionions. I'm sure that an honest attempt to change perceptions of Rollabind would have been welcome. Unfortunalty, the method chosen only brought out more negative comments about Rollabind. Personally I have never ordered from Rollabind, but I've bought Rollabind products from Staples and have been happy with what I purchased for the price. However, your actions here will make me think twice before making another Rollabind purchase. I happen to shop at the Cerritos, CA Staples occasionally and was going to suggest carrying more Rollabind there and at another closer store. I make just keep that to myself now.

I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
--Groucho Marx

Re: Wow

I'm relatively new to the site, and have committed to implementing a planning system this year as priorities with marriage, new house, two year-old twin boys, and a demanding career are starting to collide (imagine that). I decided against the Franklin systems which seem too structured, and found the DIY site which seems GREAT. The only decision has been what system to use for paper and products.

Based on the thread above CIRCA was the obvious choice, shipping was quick and the $15 intro kit confirmed the decision. My second order for products went in today, and I'll be implementing key parts of the Middle Way system this weekend.

Thanks for the insight, this thread was painful but helped with my decision.



I believe in fair play and when Ygor attacks me I poke fun back at him. I don't believe I have been disrespectful when infact I feel some of the comments directed at me have been unprofessional.

I have made an attempt to provide information so people can form their own opinions. Often time I am attacked with innuendo and facts taken out of context.

Have a great weekend.

I agree with above posts

I just visited Boston. You know what I did? I rushed to the Levenger store! I wend two times, actually. The first time was rushed, to check out the stuff and sleep on the thought (member when I wanted to start, when school was still in session, and then decided to wait? well...)
I then went back and bought the new, re-designed punch. At $69 + tax, it was a week's pay for me.... yikes (cough cough, mom paid actually :D ). Well, you get the idea.
I decided to pay more for the Circa punch because 1) I was in the store, so no shipping fee. I could also see the notebooks, etc, before buying any; and 2) the sales people were superb, and I got 2 free circa books! They have a little of everything, if I put the paper together I maybe have a somewhat-full 1/2" disc notebook... but thats okay, because I got the punch!

I'm gonna go punch as soon as I get home. The salesperson told me everything has a lifetime warrantee, so no worries about a badly (re-)designed punch; I'm sure it's good, in any case.

So yeah. Spent $80 for the punch (desk, obviously from the price) and discs, and tax. Got blue 1" on sale for less than $6 (blue and red only, beige = $1 more, others are full price).

So in summation, Circa has great CS, a hefty metal punch that looks and feels great (though I am a bit sad the cardboard box has a crushed corner, only noticed that when I got on the subway), and I got 2 free notebooks with enough paper for 1 full notebook! Love the beige, yellow, and green, not so much the blue and gray (so dark!), but that's just me. Blue and red 1" on sale, stock up! (Also, stock up sale going on now, go look guys, about $2 off when you get 2 or more!)

And... lets see... I agree that Alan makes Rollabind seem even less "stellar." Also, I saw the Staples Rolla stuff a while ago; it was okay...plastic, not so pretty, and only 2 choices (in black only). Also, just for those who dont know, there is no more compact size. Yep, just "junior standard" and letter now, except I believe for the address books or plannars.

sry, had to:



I just noticed my Circa pencil pouch is slashed, like someone was careless when cutting open the box. I never planned to use it though, so not too sad. It's bulky even w/o pencils, etc inside, because of the plastic zip thingy that closes it; the pouch should be wider, to have the plastic closer hang past the paper's edge.
Anyways, who thought up that idea? It invites the addition of bulky stuff like pencils, which would make turning a nightmare, I would think.
Now as an extra, just-in-case cover backup... I could live with that. And since I never planned to put stuff in there, I'm not too mad the slash makes sure nothing'd STAY in.

Sigh. Still, would be nice to not have any cut there at all. Oh well. Too far to store to go for that.

You might want to send an email to Levenger

They might replace the slashed pen pouch.


You know what great customer service they have
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Thanks for the support

But I dont think I will call up CS for just that. I'm not going to be using it much if at all, and I feel good already from them giving me the "trial" notebooks. No need to buy covers, once I move them to my bigger rings! At least I hope. I wish they had a junior cover punched topside though, I had to make my own, for my sketch pad. Too soft- used transparencies and poster board.
Or so I hope. 5 days a week, each with 2 or diff subjects... Urg.
Well, thanks for the support, guys.
(BTW, anyone notice that the punched edges are a bit furry, from the broken fibers? I didnt notice until I compared holes from the pre-punched, which were perfectly smooth, except for a tiny nub in the middle of one of the holes (for the entire stack of 25 pages).