3x5 cards (20 different colors--black too) and cardholders for whiteboards

This looks good if you want to arrange your 3x5's or do storyboarding.


It looks likt a good way to use whiteboards--I haven't touched mine for more than a year.

Of course you could also just use blu-tac to stick cards to the board, but there are environments where you'd want a more formal look.

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I get access denied when I

I get access denied when I try to go to the link

It works for me, but maybe

It works for me, but maybe there's some weird setting somewhere.

Try going to magnatag.com and in the upper left there's a search box. Type in "cd35".

That should get you to the page with the list of colors and sizes.

They're expensive (40 for $8) but if you really want a particular color, it's probably there (there've been several posts about using black sticky notes, etc, and they have black 3x5 cards here).

I hadn't ralized there were so many applications for white boards.

"Access Denied" even on the

"Access Denied" even on the index page.

Did you try going to the

Did you try going to the homepage (www.magnatag.com) and doing a search?

That's really strange. I'm using Firefox with ad block and the flash extension, so I would think that if anyone was going to have a problem I would.

You might call them if nothing else works at (800) 624-4154 and see if they know what's wrong or if they can send you a catalog. I'll try accessing it tomorrow from a couple of other computers.

Yes I did, homepage is what

Yes I did, homepage is what I call an index page.
It's their server side problem or just weird set-up.

Anyway, I looked at the index page via Google's cache - really nice products.

I'm from Malaysia, and this

I'm from Malaysia, and this is the message I got when trying to access the link provided:

"We appreciate your interest in viewing our Magnatag Visible Systems website, however we have designed it for viewers in the United States and Canada only, the marketplace we serve. You may login below or submit an access request to view our website. New access requests will be processed within one business day. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience."

Australia too

I get the same message here in Australia.

I might not be able to buy their products but it would have been nice to see them. :(

maybe you could view the

maybe you could view the products by pretending you are from the states. i've done that before here too!!!

You can't. You go to the

You can't. You go to the site and their server, or whatever, detects from your IP where you're from.


These guys must have like a billion products! Many of their white boards would make excellent templates for my binder! Too bad their catalogs are not in pdf format - then I could just download them and post them for all to see them.

For those that can't get through to the site, have you tried any of the web sites that then send you to another web site through their frame? Kids in the schools around here do that to get around the web blocking software. I'll see what they are using now and let you know - I see a class on Thursday. That way, it may look like you are viewing from the states!

- Chris