Found a very useful site - time and dates and calendars and other junque

I found it while looking for information about time zones.
It has a lot of good stuff.

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This is a good site. Lots of creative options. Thanks.


I used the Personal World Clock to see what time it is in other time zones so I could make phone calls within business hours.
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It is the world clock but with a twist :)

This site is an image of the earth showing day and night, the way it would appear from a satellite minus the clouds.


Love it

I'm a tennis fan, tournaments are played all over the world and shown at odd times, so I've used that site for years. You can make your own personal clock with up to 12 cities listed and it will create a bookmark for you, great for tennis and for the fact that I have relatives living in 6 different countries.

diamond66, having trouble logging in today. :)