Couldn't find a G2 mini?!


Today I went shopping all over town on my day off. Went to OfficeMax and to Staples looking for more mini-pens I can keep in my pocket to use with my back-pocket jotter. I was completely surprised that even though both stores stock the G2, neither had any minis. I am sad, I like the G2 minis. :(

I decided to try a zebra telescoping instead. For a ballpoint it seems to write pretty good--smooth and easy unlike the thrice-damned disposables that are so ubiquitous. And it's lightweight, which I prefer. I rather like the telescoping mechanism, it will probably protect my pockets from ink very well.

But still, I'm sad I couldn't find any G2 minis. :/ And no other minis worth my time, either. Staples had some gel minis in a 20-pack, but I already have those and gave them to my kids because I don't really like them. There was a set of multicolor ballpoints, like eight in the package or something, but as I am really addicted to the smooth rollerballs and gels, I figured I'd better go with a higher-quality ballpoint if I was gonna be at all happy with one.



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I can find them

Office Depot has some - just black pens and the pencils: Link
JetPens has some - Link
There is a Pilot Pen Online Store: Link
And Amazon: Link

Don't make me use The Phrase on you.


The not-black pens seem harder to find than the black ones, but they are out there !
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Pay attention..

Hi ygor.

I know perfectly well I can find them online. I was lamenting they weren't at my local brick-and-mortars.



Office Depot is brick-and-mortar

Any Office Depots near you ?
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Out of my way


Yeah, there's an Office Depot about a half hour, maybe 40 minutes in the other direction from where I was yesterday. I don't get down there much, not really worth fighting traffic in that direction.

I'm OK, I'll use the zebra for a while and see how I like it. I think it will save my pockets from some ink, since the retraction mechanism is different from the usual click-thing the G2's have.


Try a CVS

I saw the minis in my local CVS just yesterday. Of course, they might just be selling off the remainder of an item they won't restock.

I Noticed The Same

As a typical DIY-er, I tend to stroll through the office supply aisle of any store that I frequent. I, too, have noticed that the G-2 Minis are conspicuously missing. Granted, I am not going on an all-out search for them, but whenever I am in the pen minis.

The funny this is that I never bought them in the past because I only wanted black ink, and the multi packs were always a variety of colors. Now that I've loosened up my stance on ink color, I can't find the minis. Oh well.


I really like the zebra

I really like the zebra telescopic pens :) I won a giveaway and have several different colors. I love that the tip is protected and i can't accidentally click it. My purse is happy too!

I'll keep my eyes open for mini pens while we are out and about. :)

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I saw G2 Mini pens in a pack

I saw G2 Mini pens in a pack at Walmart in the back to school section for $5. Each pack contained a bonus mini g2 pencil.

:o) I couldn't wait to relay the good news!

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"back-pocket jotter"

If you do not mind sharing, What do you use and how is working for you?
Thanks in advance, Jim

Levenger model


I use levenger's shirt pocket briefcase, the one without the little pen. Mine happens to be a maroon/burgundy color, I forget what the name of it was. It's a lot darker than the red they usually have, more subdued. Had it for a few years now.

Anyway, for function, I love it. It holds a bundle of cards in four pockets (the jotter area holds four cards or so, the two sides hold some, and the middle holds a bunch). I don't really even notice it in my jeans' back pocket, though it does protrude by maybe an inch. It's incredibly convenient.

It does, however, make me annoyed that my shorts don't offer deep enough back pockets to fit the thing. :( So I end up stuffing it in my purse or keeping it on the desk in front of me when I'm wearing shorts.

I use it nearly on a daily basis for everything from grocery lists to appointments to stupid stuff I ought to be able to remember but can't. Right now, for example, the top card lists a couple of cleansers I want to check out the next time I'm at the store, the date and time of my CSA workday, and a reminder to be photogenic when I pick the kids up from daycare because they want to take a picture of us. On the card beneath, some notes I took last week on vacation about a cemetery I visited for genealogy research. The card beneath that holds some conversation notes I picked up while wandering the back woods with some family. I have to move that stuff into my research files. :) My most recent shopping list was in another pocket. The middle pocket holds my business card with a statement "Reward if Found!" and a bit of cash the kids got for their birthday (I keep it separate from my running around money, but I want it handy if they see something they want when we're out).

Anyway, if I ever lost it I would be sad for more than one reason--Lev doesn't make that color available anymore, and I don't want red or black or saddle. :)



Thanks for the overview and detail!
Stuff I put in my back pocket tends to get rather mangled.
Anyone have a technique that minimizes mis-shapeness?

Only if you do not sit down :)

That's why I like cargo pants with the pocketses down the outside of the leg.
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eh, not a big deal


I don't find the shape any significant deal with this. Yeah, it curves a bit, but the next time you stick it back in your pocket you can flip it so it'll curve the other direction for a while. It doesn't hurt the cards, they will straighten easily.


Levenger SPB

I also have a Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase, and love it. One modification I made after reading a post here is to slip the back cover of a Moleskine Cahier into the back pocket of the SPB. It fits like a glove. This combines a notecard jotter with a Moleskine. What a great combo!