Anyone have the Circa Vivacious Notebook, Linen-Textured Cover ?

Just got an e-mail saying these are marked down 50% from $20 to $10, but in the description, it says:

covers and discs are not removable/interchangeable

What the heck ? I would expect them to be by definition (of Circa)

Anyone have one of these ? Anyone have a clue for this clueless one ?

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I guess they are indeed not removable

I went to the site, downloaded the pictures zoomed in as much as possible, them zoomed in some more on my computer. The paper shows the normal separation for removing, but the cover does not.

Is that a good thing? Probably not for the user, maybe for Levenger. But the covers are indeed cute.

However, one user writes the following:

"I am a huge Circa fan. Unfortunately the new Vivacious replacement covers are made from a more brittle plastic that chips off at the corners. I had to reorder the original covers instead."

Levenger site reviews

If you look up the product on they have terrible reviews. The ones on sale do not have plastic covers but rather: "Patterned covers are thick and sturdy linen-textured cardboard". The reviews said the covers fall apart quickly and don't hold up to use. I'm surprised Levenger went with a cardboard cover, just doesn't seem very smart to me. Only 1 out 5 people would recommend them. Too bad, I thought they were cute.

It gets "better"

If you scroll down the product page to the reviews, one person blasts the product:

I love the new colors of the covers so I bought the multicolor words. It doesn't hold up as good as the plastice covers. I knew it would get dirty, but the tabs didn't hold there shape so the cover is always falling off. Back to the plastice covers for me

Levenger CS responds:

Our Circa Vivacious Linen-Textured Notebook covers are not designed to be removed or to interchange the discs

But they sent me an e-mail saying that the descrtiption was inaccurate and that you could interchange discs and covers.

Is Levenger hiring from Rollabind or what ?
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Sadly it seems Levengers quality is going down but price up

I shop primarily at Levenger, because I've had bad results with Rollabind, but it seems the quality is going down at Levenget whereas the price keeps going up. Their paper is a good example of this. And the Notabilia notebook keeps getting smaller and smaller but the price keeps getting higher. And then they offered these cardboard notebooks with outrageous original prices. Too bad.