Best way to spend ten days at home?

Hi. How would you manage your time if you had ten days off at home? I am taking a "staycation" (stay at home) in a few days and would like to really get a lot accomplished in that time but the long lists don't seem to work very well. Ideas?

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Three things


Don't do long lists. Do short lists. Put all the to-dos on separate pieces of paper and stick them into a shoebox. Shake the box to stir up the list. Each day, grab three pieces of paper, pick an order, and start on them. Don't draw out any more stuff until the first three are done.

The trick here is to make sure that each piece of paper is an independent item--can be done completely all by itself with no dependencies on other items in the box. In GTD terms, I suppose this would be a small 'project' rather than a 'next action'. If you want to break it down into next actions, write them all on a single piece of paper so you don't end up drawing stuff out of order.

Just a thought. If I had 10 days at home with no kids, I would be tackling just one larger item (like tearing out the fireplace and hanging drywall there or a medium-sized landscaping project) and maybe fill in with some small maintenance items (washing windows, doing laundry, shampooing the carpet, etc.).


a bit nutty

Okay this may seem a bit nutty, and I have never tried it, but my suggestion (in an attempt to make it more fun as it's a vacation) is:

1. On a large sheet of paper, make a mindmap with all the different things u want to accomplish and categorize under different colored branches. Make it as colorful and arty as possible!

2. If u have a dartboard, put it up on the board and throw a dart and see where it lands every evening! that's ur task/project for the next day. if u need prep material for the selected item, then u need to go out and buy it or assemble it the evening before. Select another project/task if u finish one before the end of the day and have time to kill.

3.Everyday u finish the projects/tasks of the day, you must scratch it off the sheet with a colorful pen and treat yourself. For this beforehand buy the yummiest food/snacks u love having and a bunch of ur favorite dvds stacked (or whatever it is that u like having for a treat)and schedule time every evening for it. No project for the day completed, no treat.

4. If you don't have a dartboard, put up the sheet somewhere visible, and find some zany way of selecting the project every evening. [Maybe alphabetically, or ask someone else to pick for u, or open any magazine to any page and see if there is a matching word.- none of these are too creative but you can always think up something!- Endless possibilities.]


First thing I'd do is work

First thing I'd do is work out a reward for myself for getting things accomplished. Like treating myself to something fun towards the end of the staycation. And giving myself one hour of holiday time each day, minimum.

Second, I'd write out a list of all the things I'd like to do then sort them into
- things that are seasonal and have to be done now (eg gardening work, minor repairs that have to be done before the new season, etc)
- projects/tasks that have a central task that needs a big slab of time to get done
- things that I can break into mini-tasks and do anytime.

Then I'd
- work out which of the seasonal tasks can be done now. They're number 1
- choose one or two of the big items from list two and work out if I can do them in half my staycation.
- put the rest onto a list and put it aside as possible extra items for the staycation and/or future weekend jobs

Love these ideas

Thanks a million for your ideas. Such creativity with a dash of realism. Thanks again.