What kind of plastic is punchable with a regular 3 holes punch?

I have a feeling that transparencies and report covers are punchable.

But they do not come in pretty color just clear and black for the report covers.

Is there a kind of colorful markers which can be permanent affixed to these plastic sheets?

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You can use a heavy-duty punch or a paper drill - like this.

About the markers, your standard Sharpie should work.

Pardon my nosey, but are you making covers or dividers ?
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Dividers and page markers

Your Junior size divider template is greatly appreciated.

I will make the dividers and page markers at a future date.
At the time, the whole forum is probably going to hear about it because I will ask for tips on how to cut things right, what tools to use for cutting plastic, etc...

If I find ready made plastic dividers in colors I really like, I will buy them and will just play with the page markers.

Ygor I never knew that paper drill existed!

Thank You so much for the link!

I have color Sharpies and one of the big box store sell them by the unit.

I know I could also make the dividers out of cardstock but I got sold on plastic when I bought my first set of plastic dividers in high school, A4 size/4 rings and they lasted all through the end of college and trade school.

After moving country and binder size, letter/3 rings, I bought my second set of plastic dividers which are still in use, I also bought two more sets, recently because I fell in love with the colors.
The first set is still going strong.

I also have plastic folders which are more than a decade old and still look very nice.
Out of all the plastic folders I bought, only two of them, both accordions, the first and the most recent have quality problem.

The cardboard folders I bought for college were ratty looking after 4 years of use.

All that to say that I am aware of plastic toll on the environment, but I keep plastic products for the long haul.

Note to Ygor, ask me a two words question, cover or dividers and you will get a tome, war and peace and Proust rolled into one. :) LOL

Short answer: yes you can

You can punch transparencies with paper punches (I'm talking the full ones, note the small binder clip-in ones.)

In fact, thinner plastic comes out cleaner than poster board and cardboard, I'd say, because there are no layers coming apart and fraying with use.

Interesting fact :)

Thanks Amyx123

When I am ready to do this both you and Ygor will be thoroughly and properly questioned about loose plastic availability. :)