Levenger has several new kinds of discs !

Clincher Discs : 1.5" discs with a rubber gasket in the center to hold a writing instrument !
Aluminum Discs - .75"
Aluminum Discs - 1"
2" Discs
2.5" Discs
3" Discs

I will probably get some Clinchers and some Aluminum discs for myself.

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Any comments?

I would love to hear people's experiences with the new larger disks, I posted before that I fear such large disks would be just as bad as large 3 ring binders, if not worse, with paper handling and such. Would love to hear differently, especially the 3 inch ones.

here's an idea

Think of the traditional Roladex file on one's desktop.
Now extend that to a larger document collection created with the Clinchers on a supporting axle shaft and frame.
Boggles the mind a bit, don't it ?
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Personal gym on a desktop

Sounds like weightlifting equipment on a desk. :-P

3 inch discs! What a clincher!

Wow, a notebook with 3 inch discs would be absolutely massive. I remember trying 1.5" for a while and it seemed absolutely huge. I don't remember seeing the 2 inch and larger discs in the new catalog that came in the mail yesterday, but I did see the Clinchers.

I'm seriously considering buying a pack to try them out. I had actually thought about making something like that - drill a hole in the middle of some rings. I was going to leave the bottom ring un-drilled. I'd just have to make sure to hold it the right way up or else the writing instrument would fall out. Seems like Levenger came up with a much better solution.


Not Levenger's idea

Ryan R., who used to work for Levengers and who used to be a regular contributor on this site actually invented the drilled out disc center to use as a pencil holder. He posted a video a long time ago showing himself doing it and showing the finished product. I certainly hope Levenger paid him for this idea!

Disappointed with a Aluminum discs

I was so excited to see the aluminum but was disappointed that they cost the same as the previous nickel discs but don't have the fancy L incribing on it and the fact that they are described as very lightweight. My husband loves building computers and he commented that aluminum is usually flimsy and easily dented. He said he'd never buy a aluminum computer case for instance. I'm very interested in the 3 inch dsics and the pen holding ones though.

I haven't seen them yet....

But, if they're the thickness typical of other Circa disks, they're thick enough Aluminum to not be "easily dented". The look like they might be machined from solid aluminum. Apple's been making their more recent MacBook Pros from solid machined aluminum, and, I assure you, they are not easily dented... my current MacBook Pro is actually the most solid (but not heavy!) laptop I've ever owned.

That said, the Clincher disks look pretty nifty. I wish they were somehow a little smaller - I've had a few notebooks with 1" disks, and I find them pretty unwieldy. At least they deal with one of the bigger problems of bigger Rolla/Circa discs - the bigger they are, the more wasted space of discs sticking out the side when the notebook is closed. Using half of that space for a writing utensile sounds like a nice fix.

3 Inch Discs!!

I would find 3 inch discs to be a bit unwieldy for daily use. I've had trouble turning pages on discs half that size. They would be ideal for archiving old pages, however.


New Levenger discs

I cannot find my post, copied below, on the subject. Has it been deleted?

Subject: New and EXCITING Circa discs
Submitted by Claire in Sprin... on Sun, 2010-07-11 15:24.
I just received my new Levenger catalog yesterday, and they have THREE NEW Circa discs!
(1) "If we had a nickel for every time customers have implored us to bring back our silver metal Circa discs ...". They now offer shiny ALUMINUM (not the discontinued nickel-plated brass) in 3/4-inch and 1-inch sizes, each size priced at $22 for set of 11.
(2) There are THREE NEW SIZES of black plastic discs called "LP". These huge discs come in larger diameter sizes of 2 inch! And 2-1/2 inch! And THREE INCH! The price for this monsters is $14 for a set of 22 in any size.
(3) So much EXCITEMENT all in one catalog. Something new under the sun, "... even more practical by incorporating a rubber gasket in the center of each disc to hold onto your writing instrument ...". This design has a curvy four-spoked hole (plus a tiny hole close to the outer diameter). It comes in only one size, 1-1/2 inch, price $22 for a set of 11.
Wish my scanner were set up so I could send you the photos. Spread the word. There was nothing on their website, only in the Summer 2010 catalog.

Hmmm, not on the web site
Submitted by ygor on Sun, 2010-07-11 17:32.
I will have to dig the catalog out of the garbage.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Not deleted

It's right here
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

No need to dig out the catalogue, it is on the webpage. :)

Smart idea from Ryan, I hope he was compensated.

Circa/Atoma look fun but since I haven't seen the items in person, I cannot really tell if they would feel alright. I might be disappointed when I feel or see them in person.

I also stocked up on thin translucent plastic binders (letter size) when they were on sale. The translucent pink cover is perfect to see what is inside and if I need to I can always use label on the outside.

I also have a bunch of letter size sheet protectors and plenty of printer paper so the Circa/Atoma plunge is not a done deal.