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I received an iPod Touch yesterday for my birthday, much to my utter thrill, and now I am overwhelmed by the options of apps!

I have a weekly format paper planner that I am retraining myself to use diligently.

What iPod Touch apps work offline and have great to-do list capabilities? nested lists would be lovely (like GTD).

Thanks in advance!

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You could try Awesome

You could try Awesome Notes..I have it on my iphone and it seems decent, can be synced with Evernote/Google docs too.

You might want to first try the free Lite version to see if it suits your needs.


another option

and fantastic gift to receive...congratulations and happy belated birthday! Also a more gtd friendly one is perhaps 2Do. Again the free lite version can be used to try out


I highly recommend TaskPaper. The name comes from the fact that the creator of the app tried to make it as simple and paper-like as possible. The format looks like this:

Projects end with a colon:
- tasks start with a dash
- you can @tag stuff
- and set options in the tags like @done(2010-07-14)
   - And you can nest todo items or projects.

Also, the iPhone app syncs up with the TaskPaper Mac desktop app via a web service called You can edit your todo lists directly there. I believe they are also working to add support for syncing your todo lists with Dropbox although that may be a few months out.


Hey Sara!

You know I already recommended GeeTasks or Toodledo for the Touch. GeeTasks is especially nice since it syncs with Google Tasks and I spend so much time in google anyway.

If you are just wanting a notepad that syncs with a web app, I would recommend SimpleNote. It's very nice as well.

i plan on looking into all

i plan on looking into all of these this weekend. so far ive noted a few things on the "notes" ... which will work temporarily. :D

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I use "Things", but it is

I use "Things", but it is not free. IMHO, it is the best to-do/project manager/GTD app out there. I also use Simplenote which synchs online, but works offline.

im downloading Simplenotes

im downloading Simplenotes now but I was wondering if anyone can recommend an app that helps track recurring tasks? i am so overwhelmed by all the apps!

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2Do allows setting recurring

2Do allows setting recurring tasks

I looked into "ToDo" which

I looked into "ToDo" which normally sells for $10 and found it was on sale for just $5. I invested and so far it seems to be what I was looking for :)

It syncs with Toodledo which is a nice feature.

Thank you all so much!

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