Fountain Pen Ink Durability.

I love my Lamy Fountain Pen with Noodlers Ink. While I was searching out some new colors to use. During my search I found some interesting articles on Pens and Fraud. How well your inks will with stand the effects of Water and various ways to wipe away what you wrote. Nice to know and see how well the different inks worked.

I know I was suprised.

Link to full article: link.

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The Truth is Out There...

Hmmm, interesting. May I ask, have you a link to the original research? From what I have seen the article is a little sketchy. ;) No offence but it does read like an advert for Noodlers.. There isn't any data on the inks I use - Waterman's Florida Blue and Higgin's Eternal - and very little data on the solvents. I also found this: The Senior Scene. It claims that an unspecified AARP Newsletter found the Uni-Ball Gel Impact Pen, the only 'safe' pen to buy. More than a little disconcerting I would say. :(