Need 1000 Circa discs ?

Go to eBay and type "levenger circa silver" into the search field.

Levenger Outlet is selling lots of 1000 discs,

$50 + $6 S&H for 1/2" (2 available)

$55 + $7 S&H for 3/4" (More than 10 available)

$60 + $7 S&H for 1" (7 available)

These are manufacturer rejects. The silver color looks distressed. Not up to Levenger standards. So they are offering them on eBay at a bargain.

Enjoy !

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I don't need 1000....

But I'd be happy to buy out part of someone else's order if people want to split it up. Are there 5-10 of us who'd want to split it up? Actual re-shipping costs shouldn't be much, as these are just the plastic discs.

I also don't need a 1000 discs....

I have the circa/rollo from the local staples brick and mortor store.

My binder has 8 discs, I do not know why they don't sell these discs in the multiple of the number of disc needed ? (For me it would be 1000/8=125 binders, who makes these many binders ?)

At this time, I think that I will only need 24 discs. (3 binders )

USPS mail to California.


Neil Tsubota
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Which size?

Which size would everyone be interested in? 1/2", 3/4" or 1"?

My preference is 1" discs.

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Anybody have 1"?

Did anybody get the 1" ones? If so, want to sell a portion (flexible on qty, 50-1000), or trade for 1/2 or 3/4" ones?
The 1" are no longer on eBay in the bulk packs...

How about we see if there's enough interest?

Here's a Google Form where folks can express their interest in the different sizes. If enough folks promise to get some of each size, I'll buy some lots and divvy them up (unless someone else jumps in and volunteers, at least).

So, here's the form. Please only fill it out once, unless you really decide you want *more* discs. I'll use the totals to figure out if this idea is going to work. Also, of course, respond as soon as possible, so we can actually *get* the discs. Levenger has them up for another ~24 days, but that assumes no one else jumps for them first. :)

Enter your interest here

Well don't everyone jump in at once!

If we're going to split up an order, it probably needs to be decided in the next few days. If you have interest, please add yourself using the form in the above post.

overwhelmed by the flood of response ?

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Only a few days left...

So far, there's been only one other person who's been interested. If we can get another person interested (so far, the interest is mostly in 3/4" discs), maybe we can just split up the 1000 3-ways or something?

1000 Circa discs

I bought 1000 each of all three sizes. The slightly mottled appearance in the middles is nearly imperceptible. The only problem is the dull silvery coating which is not slick and sticks when turning pages even with the new larger punched holes. But they are fine for lesser used old files. Now I never have to worry about running out of discs.