Homeschool Lesson Card

Based on the Teacher's Lesson Planner template by Alex Prouty. Provides more space to list materials and notes to help in planning your lessons, as well as some color for sorting.

This is my first template. I attempted a 1up & a 4up, as well as an OO version.

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Index Card (3 x 5)
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Includes 9 different colors for the topmost header bar so you can organize by subject, child, day of the week, quarter, semester, and so on. Lesson box for the assignment and page numbers. Rounded square box can hold a sticker for completion or further organization, or write the date, week number, child's name, etc. Materials section is helpful for listing math manipulatives, library books, art supplies, science experiment materials, or other things you'll need to gather for your lesson.

You could use these as assignment cards for older children, in workboxes, planning file crate systems, etc.

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I just found this and published it.

Nice work.
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