classic size 3 ring binder for sale...

On ebay number 200479017991 is for a box of new 3-ring binders with clear-vu plastic. It is for 5-1/2 by 8-1/2 paper. It has 1 and 1/2" round rings. However, they come in a case of 12 for 20.00. But maybe he could be talked into selling them in a lesser amount. Just thought someone else might need a large ring notebook.

Also, number 140402417878 on ebay looks good. It is a 3 ring classic size but with 1/2" rings.

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If enough people want them... would be worth buying a case and divvying it up.
( $20 + $10 S&H ) / 12 = $2.50 per binder

I would buy a case and then sell them individually for $3 plus shipping
but only if I could get enough advance requests.

Any takers ?

That other auction is going to cost you $12 per binder ($9 + $3 S&H) and the rings are 1/3 the size.
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3 ring binder

Count me in for one. Thanks.