classic size 3 hole punch

Hi. I need to find a 3-hole classic size punch. Going back to the ring binder is very nice, but I tire of punching holes one by one. Am I spoiled or what? There is currently one on ebay, item 320530542931. Ygor has been very helpful. If you have any suggestions on this please post them.

I have made some great looking dividers out of decorative file folders picked up at the dollar store, 3 for a dollar! So fun! Please share your ideas if you lean toward ring binders. I think making is always the most fun! I found a picture of a litter of cute pups and I put it on the back of one of the dividers because it always makes me smile when I see it.


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That's about all I have seen

If you find something better, please share with us.
Good luck in your search.
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Amazon has a classic 3 hole

Amazon has a classic 3 hole punch