Help where did the Cowey forms go in the hipster pack?

Help, where did all the cowey forms go in the new hipster pack. I have been using the form with the cowey roles. I offcourse threw the old pack out when the new pack arrived. Anybody got the last hipster pack lying around it will be very much appreciated.


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1 up

It is the 1up diyp2_hp1up.pdf I am looking for, and would be much greatful if somebody had.



Dramatically Improved Replacement...

Hi Thorbs

Have you tried the Harmony Form? IMHO this new template is far superior to the old Covey one and it can be used with any productivity system. :)

well, I looked at it but as

well, I looked at it but as far as I can see is only has space for two roles and I usually use plan with 6-7 roles every week. But maybe I have misunderstood the card?


Two Harmony Variants

There's two different Harmony cards: the single-sided and the double-sided. Yes, the single-sided one (as shown in the article Sardonios linked to) only has room for a couple of roles. But the double-sided version has room for four roles on the front and three roles (or flagged projects) on the back. There's a lot more space for roles and writing on this card than there was on the old Roles card, and a lot more flexibility, too. For example, I personally use the front for roles and the back for projects. See the linked article for more information.

all my best,

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Hey Dj, I have not been able

Hey Dj,
I have not been able to find the linked article, are you sure you linked it? I however looked at the Harmony cards again and I can see that if two of them goes on to one card the 6-7 roles are possible. I will try it out =)

All the best,


The Harmony article...

...That Sardonios linked to above, which is here. Sorry, I should have been a little more clear. Since Franklin-Covey doesn't wish their methods to be discussed in anything more than a general sense, you'll have to read between the lines of the article and apply it to your usual Covey-based methods. I don't think it should be that difficult. ;-)

all my best,

Ok, got it. Thanks for all

Ok, got it. Thanks for all the help. Did not know that Covey had that perspective on things. And by the way thanks for all the work you have done it is very helpfull in daily life and a very nice new toy.