Levenger Circa blank refills?

Dear DIYers,

Every year I buy a new planner and every year, I throw it out two months later. I think you know how the rest of this song goes. This year I'm throwing off the yoke and buying a Circa. Or plan to. What's holding me up is that I can't find blank Circa refill sheets anywhere. I'm loathe to punch standard office stock b/c 1) the puncher's expensive and 2) there have been complaints that it just doesn't fit as well as the Levenger-punched sheets. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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New vs old punch

You might want to search the forums for "new circa punch" to find the previous discussions. I don't have a Levenger punch, but it sounds like the new model is much better.

Didn't have a prob

Got a circa kit couple of weeks back and the punch seems to be working fine and creating good enuf smurfs which fit the discs without any prob. I couldn't feel any difference while trying to fit the freshly punched paper onto the discs as compared to the prepunched circa refill paper

Get a punch

You will not regret it.
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Convinced re: puncher

Thanks everyone for the comments. It does sound like the new puncher ironed out some issues from the previous version. I'll go ahead and take the plunge...