5 year diary template

i'm looking for a 5 yr diary template that i can just punch and file. One for this year or a blank one where u can fill ur own years in would be ideal. I dont much mind about size ive just decided i want to keep one and dont want to buy a commercial one! Any templates on here? ideas on where i can look? i did see the other post about it but year is wrong and i cant be fussed to change it - i wudnt know how anyway - so 5 yr diary journal pages A5 (classicish) or bigger would be fab! ANY IDEAS, PEOPLE?!! xxx

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You can start looking...

here: http://www.diyplanner.com/templates/directory

This is where all the user submitted templates live.

Have you seen something like what you want ?
Can you draw it ?

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I have one

Funny, I started working on one of these recently. There is a 10 year journal template here, but I wanted more lines per year and bigger lines to accommodate my writing. I also wanted to group the years differently. It's an MS Word 2000 file, very simple, and I was just planning to do a mail merge to create a page for each day of the year. Can I post a doc file here or do I have to upload it into the template file? I suppose I can just email it to you if you want to contact me throught the forum. :)

Can you help me.

did you finisg your 5 year template. If so, could you email it to me? It would be most appreciated. Thanks.